Kaleidoskop, Switzerland

Designed by: theleisureway – architects: Vlad Vieru; Corvin Cristian; Isabel Gascón; Patricia Sanz
For client: The Mall of Switzerland Floor area: 1700.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Entertainment Venue of the Year

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About the Project

The client’s brief asked to combine the visual identity of the Mall logo, used as a guideline in designing the entire aesthetic of the venue, with Swiss values. As result, KALEIDOSKOP is an abstract representation of iconic Swiss elements (Landscapes, alpine houses, Clockwork mechanisms, animals, etc.) seen with kids eyes looking through a kaleidoscope.

With a total of 1700 sqm, the playground groups two distinctive areas:

Kaleido – dedicated to small kids which can experience being inside a Kaleidoscope, discovering different obstacles, while playing with reflections of colored/ mirrored surfaces.
Arts & Crafts, role play, small theatre and napping area are ingredients that complete the kaleidoscope experience.

The Landscape – children up to 11 yo. are engaged in a “Quest” game through a maze of wooden hills, mountains, tunnels and trees. They go through, climbing, sliding, crawling and hiding activities while discovering funny experiments, sensorial interactive games that teach them basis of science in a playful manner.
In the “Tourbillon Plaza”, playing on classic games activates large scale clock work wheels in the above ceiling. Adjacent, interactive wall gears are teaching kids about clock mechanism transmission.
“The Alpine Village” houses or “The Lucerne steam boat” become fun places to celebrate birthdays while still be part of the action.

What’s unique about it

Our project, is innovative by being stylistically coherent with the strong design guidelines used in the Mall, paying respect to the environment and getting inspiration from local traditions, values, and history, unlike the current situation on the market, where kids dedicated leisure areas are prone to standardization and most of the times are simply combining “off the shelf” equipment disregarding surrounding venues or the Shopping Center itself.

Together with Red accents, we chose the use of natural wood as the main texture and color to support the Swiss identity – the same important component of our brief.

Our space concept started from the hexagonal Mall identity logo (used as guideline in designing the aesthetic of any architectural element) and shapes one big sculptural element that one at a time becomes mountain and hills, tunnels, animals and houses, guiding the visitor through the story of Swiss iconic elements while becomes part of the fun experience. Different functions: active physical games, interactive play and learn, party or resting areas are combined in a seamless experience with multiple possibilities.

The entrance piece, naming the concept, is the interactive Kaleidoscope (another Swiss invention by the way). A tridimensional steel structure and polychromatic translucent / mirrored faces becomes an interactive game accessed by children as a gigantic labyrinth.

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