LEGO House, Billund

Designed by: LEGO Systems A/S
For client: LEGO Systems A/S Floor area: 12000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Entertainment Venue of the Year

Lego House Brick Builder
© LEGO Systems A/S

Brick Builder

About the Project

In the center of the small Danish town of Billund, the LEGO Group has placed its iconic LEGO® House.
Also known as “home of the brick” it is a place where guests can play with LEGO and learn about the company behind one of the world’s most beloved brands and be inspired by the amazing creativity that exists in LEGO fan communities.
The overall design concept is founded on the endless possibilities of the LEGO brick. The classic 2x4 brick provides the unifying theme, from the architecture to the furniture and from the wayfinding to the digital touchpoints.
The 12,000 m² building was designed by the architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). It consists of 21 white large scaled LEGO bricks stacked on top of each other. The facade is covered with white ceramic tiles, giving the illusion that the whole building is made of LEGO bricks.
At the heart of LEGO House a dedicated team of LEGO designers have created two exhibition areas and four brightly colored play zones, each offering a different focus on play, creativity and learning. Every single physical element was first built from actual LEGO bricks and then meticulously scaled up 18.75 times to commensurate to human scale.

What’s unique about it

In LEGO House we have succeeded in translating our “learning through play” theory into a fun, engaging and social experience that can be enjoyed by children and their parents. The process of playing and learning while having fun is holistic in nature and balances five overlapping competences. In the upper floors of the Experience Zones these five competences have been used to create the framework of the physical space: In the Red Zone we have made plenty of room for creativity. In the Blue Zone, we stimulate cognitive abilities. In the Yellow Zone emotions take centre stage and in the Green Zone it is all about social play. The outdoor areas make room for physical play and letting off some steam. Within each of the zones we provide an area for pre-school children. Early child development is a key focus for the LEGO Foundation and so we have integrated four DUPLO brick based experiences where pre-schoolers and their parents can play and learn together. Facilitation is a central to delivering all of our unique experiences. We carefully teach our facilitators the methodology of stimulating learning through play, but always with the LEGO House twist that it must be fun to learn. LEGO House should win the Frame Award as it provides a master class for how to put learning at the heart of a family attraction without compromising fun and would bring recognition to the invaluable work of LEGO Foundation in re-defining play and re-imagining learning.

Lego House Masterpiece Gallery
© LEGO Systems A/S

Masterpiece Gallery

Lego House History Zone
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History Zone

Lego House Test Driver
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Test Driver

Lego House Flower Artist
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Flower Artist

Lego House City Architect
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City Architect

Lego House Character Creator
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Character Creator

Lego House Story Lab
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Story LAB

Lego House Exterior
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LEGO House Exterior

Lego House World Explorer
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World Explorer

LEGO House-the making of

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