Fiorucci, London

Designed by: Brinkworth and the Wilson Brothers
For client: Fiorucci Floor area: 345.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year

01 A Brinkworth Fiorucci
© Louise Melchior

A completely mirrored ceiling opens up the first floor, adding drama and a tongue in cheek playfulness. Bespoke chrome can spotlights are inspired by fittings from the original Fiorucci stores.

About the Project

When Elio Fiorucci launched his brand in 1967 he revolutionized the fashion industry by creating not only a product, but the idea of a dream-like Fiorucci cosmos. 50 years after its inception, this iconic fashion brand invited Brinkworth and Wilson Brothers to create the first store for their illustrious comeback in the heart of London’s Soho.

By taking a jaw-dropping visual journey through the extensive Fiorucci archive, the result is a collaborative concept that celebrates the brands heritage whilst keeping a firm eye on the future.

Akin to a stage set the ground floor provides the flexibility of a theatrical environment for Fiorucci to completely transform the whole space for events and product launches. A prominent spiral staircase adorned with planting leads to a more chilled and domestic lounge area upstairs, inspired partly by the beautiful home of Cearar Manrique in Lanzarote

The whole concept is enriched with a resource of inspirational style, graphics and art of their past. Aside from playful retail elements, this area hosts a multitude of delightful features including a circular sofa, a neon palm tree mounted on a mirrored ceiling and a cocktail bar.

What’s unique about it

Experience is at the heart of Fiorucci's three-storey retail space on Brewer Street because it's where Elio Fiorucci first discovered the joys of vibrant fashion. Elio Fiorucci created his own visual universe for his shopper to dive into, a cheeky and cheerful utopia. This design concept for Brewer Street is an oasis of tropical optimism in a sea of dark times.

Overall, the Fiorucci store is packed with visual stimulus, combining fashion, culture, music, cafe and cocktails within a myriad of textures, colour, and reflections – a spatial thank you to the vitality and brilliance of its founder.

22 Brinkworth Fiorucci
© Louise Melchior

Located in the heart of Soho, the Fiorucci flagship store is a fashion and lifestyle destination with an agile and expressive approach to retail.

13 Brinkworth Fiorucci
© Louise Melchior

The store is not just a shop. It’s a celebration of music, culture, art and food. A place to meet friends for a drink and a celebration of the roots of the first Fiorucci concept stores.

12 Brinkworth Fiorucci
© Louise Melchior

Custom Fiorucci mannequin.

11 Brinkworth Fiorucci
© Louise Melchior

The VIP fitting room features a printed graphic floor, midnight blue curtain, dramatic lighting and a gold punch bag. It’s a surprising change of pace and an expression of the spirit of the brand.

08 Brinkworth Fiorucci
© Louise Melchior

A purposefully calm and neutral material palette allows the product to take centre stage. It also provides a canvas for over layering expressive brand graphics and illustration promoting the sense of a constantly changing and adapting environment.

07 Brinkworth Fiorucci
© Louise Melchior

The large central ‘palm tree’ spiral staircase provides a dramatic focus within the space and encourages movement upstairs. Lush planters spiral up the central post of the stairs and a neon representation of the palm leaves, developed from illustrations.

06 Brinkworth Fiorucci
© Louise Melchior

A uniquely designed, illuminated, chunky chrome finished retail system takes ques from the original Fiorucci store fixtures. Ceiling systems allow retail flexibility with an arsenal of elements that can be reconfigured to tell different seasons.

05 Brinkworth Fiorucci
© Louise Melchior

Taking inspiration from revolving beds and sunken lounges of the 1970s, the Fiorucci bed lets customers to kick back, relax and spend some time in-store. Backdrop curtains can be easily changed to reflect the current brand and product stories.

03 Brinkworth Fiorucci
© Louise Melchior

Fiorucci’s incredible graphic archive allows for a variety of playful logo and artwork iterations across the store including bespoke neon, laser cut mosaic cash desk fronts and a repeat logo print curtain.

Location of project:
The Wilson Brothers

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