Designed by: FIPE architecture
For client: Zeitgeist Frisiersalon Floor area: 129.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Best Use of Colour

Public Score
2.76 Function
2.83 Innovation
2.74 Creativity
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The room changes by walking through it

About the Project

Zeitgeist Leibnitz is already the second hairdressing studio in the Zeitgeist ''family'. In the former showroom, the aim was to create a symbiosis of extroversion and the communication of security and privacy. Different elements - room zones - are placed against a background - room - and produce a new entity, the spatial collage. The heterogenous room inventory is thus given an ideological rationale.

The different work areas have been colour-coordinated; there are ubtle overlays at the cutting edges. The room changes when you walk through it. From every spot, it tells a new story, communicates in part with the outer room, but then consciously shuts itself off from it again and thus also integrates the spatial context into the collage. In the process, colour is the constant as the structure of the surfaces sensitively changes.

What’s unique about it

For designing the new store in an inhomogenious excisting room we decided to evolve an unconventional idea: We wanted to create a three dimentional, a spatial collage. Therefor we decided to use color as the main tool, for merging but also to differentiate several space areas whith are immanent for the haircutter studio. The first view, when arriving at the welcome area in the store, is an irretating view on the collage due to intersecting lines that content different colors. As you walk through the store, it changes with every step and opens different views at the spatial zones in the room. The color stays, the structure of the sufaces are carefully chosen and changes sensitively.

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First view of the collage after entering the studio

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merging different zones by serrating coloured surfaces

Location of project:
FIPE architecture ZT KG

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