Designed by: Gonzalez Haase AAS
For client: TEM-PLATE Floor area: 800.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Multi-Brand Store of the Year

Public Score
4.46 Function
4.45 Innovation
4.52 Creativity
426 Tem Plate Lisbon By Gonzalez Haase Aas 03 Hq

About the Project

The space is an old Warehouse in Lisbon. Lighting is the dominant feature of the design that covers the whole space without exception. At first it seems to be a purely functional element to light up the whole space in a homogeneous way as in warehouses, though on closer observation one can see that the spacing between each track, installed parallel to the facade, becomes more dense as you move deeper into the space. The system has been designed to dominate the powerful sunlight coming through the only open facade.The entrance is defined by a massive PVC curtain in pale yellow covering the whole internal facade through which visitors pass when entering.

The curtain functions as a natural climatic layer that cuts the sunlight, reducing heat in summer and cold in winter – moderating the internal climate. Parallel to this facade curtain, another curtain wall is at the back of the space out of silver grey polycarbonate to separate the back of house.Visible chipboard panels were used for furniture, covered by untreated grey or silver materials. The pieces are monumental, resembling fragments of architecture. Using extremely basic forms the pieces build up the store’s radicality and are designed for the needs of each department – playing with what is visible or purposefully obstructed, forcing visitors to explore the space. The floor is the original one from the warehouse that has been deeply sanded to expose the bigger stones inside the concrete and whitened with a matt protection.

What’s unique about it

AAS design is dealing on a very specific the interiors. They work around an idea of a democratic interior. In commercial venues it is common to talk about the “customer journey”. We rather speak about the possible freedom available in our spaces. Multiple channels convey this freedom. There is the designed artificial lighting as an “open source” available to everyone, by embracing the whole space as one, and in consequence every single object exposed. It sets all on the same level.

This principle doesn’t seem to reflect what brands will ask, but customers, consciously or not, feel the difference between our space, that communicates equality between all components, in opposition to a typical luxury store with its spots pointing at goods. The difference is how you connect to a reality and not feel manipulated and fully drawn into a world of fake beauty. Materiality is also a revelatory of reality in our work. Then is the freedom of access. What is worse than duty free shops at airports where are forced to cross through? We try the other way around. It doesn’t mean you are not looking around and discover something you did not think to get, but it means you have a full understanding of the space and never feel forced to. We take “visitors” serious and feel the space has to reflect and give the possibility of a full understanding of the world they are entering.

426 Tem Plate Lisbon By Gonzalez Haase Aas 33 Hq
426 Tem Plate Lisbon By Gonzalez Haase Aas 05 Hq
426 Tem Plate Lisbon By Gonzalez Haase Aas 39 Hq
426 Tem Plate Lisbon By Gonzalez Haase Aas 46 Hq
426 Tem Plate Lisbon By Gonzalez Haase Aas 28 Hq
426 Tem Plate Lisbon By Gonzalez Haase Aas 21 Hq
426 Tem Plate Lisbon By Gonzalez Haase Aas 12 Hq
426 Tem Plate Lisbon By Gonzalez Haase Aas 11 Hq
426 Tem Plate Lisbon By Gonzalez Haase Aas 09 Hq

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