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Designed by: nendo
For client: ONWARD HOLDINGS Floor area: 2464.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Multi-Brand Store of the Year

Public Score
5.94 Function
5.74 Innovation
5.87 Creativity
Kashiyama Daikanyama 4 F Restaurant5 F Bar08 Daici Ano
© Daichi Ano

About the Project

The building’s property originally enabled the build of a bigger structure, however, it was a conscious decision to keep the building in a smaller scale to better blend with the landscape of the neighborhood around it. Therefore, the complex was constructed from a combination of smaller box-like units, stacked one on top of the other and overlapped horizontally resembling a small hill. As a result, the building consists of numerous exposed facades that allow natural light to enter easily to different interior spaces.

The different utility areas are divided between the box-like units, and they are layered and overlapped in a system that achieves exciting relationship opportunities between them. For example, the location of the café on the basement floor allows a higher viewing point from street level and for passersby to get a sense of the ambiance inside. In addition, the rooftop of each box-like structure serves as a terrace for the floor above it. Exterior staircases stretched between the outdoor areas provide visitors additional access to different floors as well as the ability to further explore the building’s grounds and area.

What’s unique about it

To create an even and balanced architectural experience, where the transitions between the exterior and the interior feel natural and cohesive, the use of materials was considered for both the outside and inside as one.

It was also important to maintain similar proportions between the objects and furniture around the two areas, for example, the exterior handrail detail was incorporated in the design of interior furniture and lighting elements.

By using material very similar to what was used for interior space for the furniture, and keeping in mind the element of “overlapping” for the details, a spatial experience that softly blends the different scales of “furniture”, “interior”, and “architecture” was striven for.

Kashiyama Daikanyama Exterior02 Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota
Kashiyama Daikanyama 4 F Restaurant5 F Bar01 Daici Ano
Kashiyama Daikanyama 3 F Shop03 Daici Ano
Kashiyama Daikanyama 2 F Shop01 Takumi Ota
Kashiyama Daikanyama Bf Cafe02 Takumi Ota
Kashiyama Daikanyama 4 F Restaurant5 F Bar19 Takumi Ota
Kashiyama Daikanyama 1 F Event Space11 Takumi Ota
Kashiyama Daikanyama Exterior03 Takumi Ota
Kashiyama Daikanyama Exterior08 Takumi Ota


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