Ambience Office, Bundoora

Designed by: Studio Y
For client: Ambience Floor area: 454.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

© Ben Glezer

Visual connectivity throughout the space encourages social connectivity.

About the Project

Derived from the highly visual nature of this lighting design firm’s brand identity, the design of ambience’s new workspace was a playful yet carefully considered use of natural light, shadow and colour mixed with artificial light. Weaving ambience’s light-hearted branding & tone throughout, the project was based on creating ‘a workspace where people want to work’; one that was as equally captivating and enchanting as it was productive.

Our concept was based on optical prisms, which can break light into its constituent spectral colours. This phenomenon was creatively executed through the use of colour and angular lines which visually connect walls, floors and ceilings.

The office consists of a central open area with more intimate zones scattered throughout, defined by bright pastel colours and glazed panels with a dichroic window film. Custom back-lit acoustic ceiling panels provide calming and smooth illumination, while circular perforations echo throughout the space as a repeating detail, softening the bold, angular lines.

This layered and compelling space is perceived differently from every direction and allows visual connections throughout, altering perceptions of depth and range.

The space has been designed to give varied visual stimulation at different times of the day, from mesmerizing natural sunlight, to mind-bending prism effects and arresting back-lit colour gradients, with colours becoming denser and shadows more dynamic – depending on time.

What’s unique about it

Not only visually compelling, the office is practical as well, providing a healthy and enjoyable working environment for its employees.

Flexibility was a key element in the design, which incorporates a variety of spaces available to use outside of the central workspace including meeting rooms, a library, quiet cubbies and a recreation room (complete with a custom-made table tennis table). Each space has been designed to cater for a different type of activity and offers a different level of privacy – this layout allows employees to choose their working environment throughout the day, which can increase overall productivity. For example, the downstairs meeting room and recreation area is divided by a sliding panel that can be easily moved to connect the spaces in three different ways.

In our design there was a minimal use of partition walls and instead spaces are divided by glazed panels with different levels of transparency and full height joinery elements. This maintains a high level of connectivity within the space, both socially and visually. Angular geometry encourages a more dynamic and organic circulation throughout the space, regular movement and spontaneous interactions.

This is a bold, highly visual, stimulating and vivacious workspace that inspires and impresses throughout the working day. Its audacious nature is one that has been met with wonder from staff, clients and visitors alike.

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The effect in the meeting of dichroic film, natural light, shadow, artificial light, and the sun.

G0 A7902
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Exterior view

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Circular perforations echo throughout the space as a repeating detail, softening the bold, angular lines.

Ambience1094 Copy
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Full height joinery elements act as space dividers.

© Ben Glezer

Angular geometry encourages a more dynamic and organic circulation throughout the space.

© Ben Glezer

Calming pastel tones in the office kitchen and dining room.

© Ben Glezer

Cozy cubbies offer quieter, more relaxed break out spaces.

© Ben Glezer

Central workspace with the custom designed light feature of back-lit, double layered acoustic paneling in the ceiling.

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These meeting rooms change colour depending on the time of day.

Dawn 'til Dusk. A day in the life of some of our favourite spots around the ambience office.

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