Shiseido, Ginza

Designed by: onndo
For client: Shiseido Company, Limited Floor area: 1040.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year

S7 Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

Visitors are surrounded by the camellia logo from the moment they walk in.

About the Project

For this project, we focused on the elements that interiors and makeup have in common and gave the store an “interior makeover”.
Interiors start from scratch, painting and polishing before finishing with protective materials.
Likewise, makeup begins with skincare, then base makeup and finally point makeup.

We incorporated the products themselves and related materials into the display, with soft lighting featuring paper made from cotton pads
and ceiling art created with nail polish mixed into the paint for a slight glimmer in the right lighting.
Subtle touches like these are rooted in Japanese esthetics, making them a fitting way of expressing Shiseido’s worldview.

A silhouette of Shiseido’s camellia symbol is used as a motif throughout the space in features based on traditional Japanese crafts,
including a cage-like mesh pattern and a three-dimensional pattern resembling paper dolls.

The curved lines of the camellia logo and the exquisite finish of the cosmetics evoke an image of Japan’s elegant femininity throughout the space.

What’s unique about it

The camellia logo was drafted by the first president of Shiseido, and is an entrenched part of Shiseido’s identity.
The use of this logo as a motif in our design reflects this flagship store’s history as the store that started it all.
The Japanese-style methods by which the mark is presented also express Shiseido’s unique worldview as a representative Japanese cosmetics brand throughout the elegant space.

S10 Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

The camellia logo at the façade makes the store instantly recognizable as Shiseido’s.

S9 Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

The awaji-musubi knots are arranged in the shape of the camellia logo.

S8 Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

Traditional Japanese awaji-musubi knots.

S6 Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

Fixtures and wall displays in the shape of the camellia logo.

S5 Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

The layout of the sales floor is modeled on the camellia logo.

S4 Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

Artwork creating shadows in the shape of the camellia logo.

S2 Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

Tiles in the shape of the camellia logo.

S1 Keta Tamamura
© Keta Tamamura

A wall display in the shape of the camellia logo.

S3 Takumi Ota
© Takumi Ota

A handrail featuring the shape of the camellia logo.

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