Gaggenau Booth at EuroCucina 2018, Parabiago

Designed by: eins:33 GmbH
For client: Gaggenau Hausgeräte GmbH Floor area: 300.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Einszu33 Gaggenau Eurocucina2018 03
© Bodo Mertoglu

The booth photographed from the outside, an Aston Martin in the carport

About the Project

The brief called for a design concept that would put a spotlight on Gaggenau’s new „Vario 400 Cooling“, the first handle-less built-in refrigeration series - a grand architectural statement.

Our response to the brief was to observe how contemporary domestic culture is defined the rituals of our daily lives. The result of this process is the ‘Gaggenau Home’: a sequence of architectural gestures which corresponding with rituals of domestic culture.

A full-scale representation of an aspirational domestic space: the ’Gaggenau Home’ is focused around an open-plan kitchen. The home includes a car port, entrance, living space and garden patio. Visitors to the booth will experience the true nature of Gaggenau; where appliances, consideration for the culture of living and contemporary architecture coalesce, to create the architectural statement. This architectural statement, inspired by the new range and its progressive design, embodies the brand’s cultural affiliations and presents an immersive stage to showcase the appliances’ ability to go beyond the kitchen.

To complement the concept, Gaggenau collaborated with a series of highly respected brands. Curated pieces featured as part of the home include: An Aston Martin; interior wood fittings by Schotten&Hansen; furniture by Walter Knoll; light by Occhio; an original piece of art by artist Eduard Micus; a display-cabinet by Porro; porecelain by Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg and a selection of wines by Sotheby’s Wine.

What’s unique about it

The central Message „Gaggenau is a culture“ is expertly given a spatial dimension. The authentic demonstration of the daily rituals of domestic life reflects our very basic cultural needs.
„A grand architectural statement“ refers to the outer appearance of the „Gaggenau Home“ but is certainly not enough to create a shell. The main effort in this project went into defining the inner values by creating a stage which would display the Gaggenau products in an ideal context and on eye-level with a multitude of objects which would reflect the imaginary inhabitants’ identity and individual culture.
The purpose of presenting a new series of cooling appliances, displayed in the central core, is fulfilled in a most elegant way since most of the visitors were not even able to recognize the appliances as novelties instead of thinking they would have always been that simple and beautiful.

Einszu33 Gaggenau Eurocucina2018 04
© Bodo Mertoglu

Entrance area

Einszu33 Gaggenau Eurocucina2018 05
© Bodo Mertoglu

View tot the garden patio

Einszu33 Gaggenau Eurocucina2018 06
© Bodo Mertoglu

View to the welcome area

Einszu33 Gaggenau Eurocucina2018 07
© Bodo Mertoglu

Welcome area

Einszu33 Gaggenau Eurocucina2018 08
© Bodo Mertoglu

Living space

Einszu33 Gaggenau Eurocucina2018 09
© Bodo Mertoglu

Living space

Einszu33 Gaggenau Eurocucina2018 17
© Bodo Mertoglu

Back entrance

Einszu33 Gaggenau Eurocucina2018 15
© Bodo Mertoglu

Back entrance

Einszu33 Gaggenau Eurocucina2018 20
© Bodo Mertoglu

Garden patio

Location of project:
eins:33 GmbH

Neumann&Müller GmbH & Co. KG

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