Better Office, Copenhagen

Designed by: GamFratesi, OeO Studio, PLH Arkitekter, Danielsen Spaceplanning, JJW Arkitekter, WHArkitekter
For client: better cph Floor area: 1650.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Co-Working Space of the Year

Better Cph Etage2 10

Corporate lounge area with original glas ceiling and furniture from Vitra, Artek and Golran carpet, by PLH Arkitekter.

About the Project

Not just a nicely decorated coworking space – The owners have a deep interest in creating a better life for people. The nature of work is changing. Recruitment, retention, innovation, and productivity now require not just good coffee, but also good design, good light, ease of use, services and inspiring art. Better Office offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to reimagine employees’ days through refreshing design, engaging community and benefits for all.

Better Office aim to create a living lab - a dynamic co-working place where people have the possibility to experiment, where they interact and where they are intuitively creative. It is an innovative community with access to many facilities such as cafe, design shop, meeting facilities, lounge areas, kitchen, children room, workshop, hairdresser, massage service, etc

Tenants can choose from five different work zones optimized and tailored to the different professions and personalities (café, creative, corporate, engineering and playful). The space has been furnished with some of the most well-known international furniture brands like Vitra, Artek, Golran, Astep, Västberg, Thonet, etc.

In order to ensure a boutique style and diversity the working environment has been created by 6 leading Danish interior, GamFratesi (Café), OeO Studio (creative), PLH Architects (Corporate), Danielsen Spaceplanning (Engineering) and JJW Architects (playful, a tribute to Alexander Girard) and WHArchitects (conceptual wayfinding).

What’s unique about it

Better office is an open space boutique style coworking spread out over 3 floors and 1650 m2 in the heart of Copenhagen. With our 5 zones we can accommodate any type of personality and company. All our services are designed to give the user 25 hours in a day when needed, where the extra hour gained should lead to increased life quality through a less stressful day.

The floor plan resembles a city plan with neighborhoods (working) and market squares (lounges), where the neighborhoods have been divided into smaller neighborhoods to give the open space more studio character. Furthermore lots of indoor greenery, natural sunlight and 3 outdoor terraces round up the floor plan.
It is the work of 5 different interior architects that makes sure we can accommodate any personality and not housed in a small cell or aquarium.

The majority of products used come from Vitra and hold environmental certificates like Blue Angel (Germany) and GreenGuard (USA).

Through our services and home-ish interior design we support our tenants to a less stressful day. Whether the extra hour gained a day is used to manage the last at work and leave with a clear mind or to an extra hour with the family it leads to a higher life quality.

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Hairdresser room by JJW Arkitekter with furniture from Vitra (Charles Eames Aluminium Group) and Artek (Kaari by Bourroullec)

Better Cph Etage3 06

Childrens room by JJW Arkitekter and furnished with Vitra, Artek and Montana.

Better Cph Etage2 08

Open space wall divider from Vitra by Danielsen Spaceplanning.

Better Cph Etage1 13

Noguchi breakout area by OeO Studio

Better Cph Etage1 08

Flex desk work area by GamFratesi.

Better Cph Etage1 04

café dining room by GamFratesi in a warm terracotta plaster wall, Vitra/Artek/Thonet/Astep furniture/lighting.

Better Cph Etage1 23

inhouse café by GamFratesi with furniture from Vitra and Artek. The bar and backside wall is made of natural stone (portland grey) and the walls "painted" in coloured plaster.

Better Cph Indgang 01

outdoor terrace with lots of greenery

Better Cph Indgang 04


Location of project:
Studio GamFratesi

OeO Studio

PLH Arkitekter

Danielsen Spaceplanning

JJW Arkitekter

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