Medicus, Wroclaw

Designed by: Architecture and Interior Design: JSK Architekci Sp. z o.o, Wroclaw, Poland; "Art on Floor": Artist Jeanet Hönig
For client: Medicus Sp. z o.o., Wroclaw, Poland Floor area: 7000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Healthcare Centre of the Year

07 Reception Desk At The Aesthetic Clinic

Reception desk at the Aesthetic Clinic

About the Project

MEDICUS is located on a small site in central Wroclaw. The area is characterised by dense urban development of the nineteenth and twentieth century, green squares and industrial vernacular of the nearby heat and power plant. The main design concept of the building responds to thorough site analysis and understanding of the company’s mission.

The unusual, triangular plan of MEDICUS building responds to the site, limited by surrounding streets. The North and West façades sweep along two of the intersecting streets with a distinct rhythm of pylons, providing sense of enclosure and a symbolic shield from the hustle and bustle of a busy street. The third façade, running along the south-east boundary, has been designed as a fully transparent curtain wall, opening the building towards the old town and the surrounding historic sites. At the same time, it is a natural invitation to the building, emphasizing the main entrance.
The building consists of four storeys with medical and office accommodation and underground carpark.

Interior design of the building emphasises it’s various functions with clever use of high quality materials. The outpatient areas are finished with the materials that create connotations with hygiene and sterility: gloss of the glass, purity of white. The elegance of natural oak veneer and raw concrete surfaces mark the arrival at the key zones, which are designed to provide user with comfort and create some balance in relation to clinical whiteness.

What’s unique about it

MEDICUS is a unique, purpose-built clinic, combining the specialist medical facilities with hospitality, discretion and comfort needed by the patients. It provides an abundance of daylight within patient waiting zones, doctors’ offices and administrative areas. Central layout makes orientation around the building intuitive, providing required separation between the clinical and non-clinical areas.
Whilst responding to patients’ emotional needs with careful choice of the materials and discreet zoning, the building is equipped with individually designed visual information, corresponding with the branding of each of the departments.

MEDICUS is an „intelligent building”, easy to operate and using innovative technologies. Each patient receives a tablet, which they can use to control room temperature, lighting, blinds, open the parallel push windows and communicate with doctors and reception.
The operating theatre and surgery rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including 3D cameras that provide real-life feed to lecture rooms. The facility, being at the forefront of its field, helps to train the current and future generations of experts.

The highest quality materials: glass, aluminium, raw concrete, natural oak veneer and they respond to company’s branding.
Epoxy resin used as a floor finish has become a piece of art in its own right when the invited artist Jeanet Hoenig created a unique artpiece of embedded resin patterns.

10 High Quality Materials Throughout

High quality materials throughout

09 Fasade With Parallel Push Windows

Facade with parallel push windows

08 Example Of A Ward For 3 Patients

Example of a ward for 3 patients

06 Consultant Rooms

Consultant rooms

05 Waiting Area With The Grand Skylight

Waiting area with the grand skylight

04 Chillout Zone At The Entrance To The Aesthetic Clinic

Chillout zone by the entrance to the Aesthetic Clinic

03 Bistro And Cafe At The Entrance Area

Bistro and cafe at the entrance area

02  Street View

Street view

01 External View Of The Main Entrance

External view of the main entrance.

Time lapse through construction and a walkthrough

Location of project:
JSK Architekci Sp. z o.o.

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