Guest House, Shibuya

Designed by: Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects
For client: Global Solutions Floor area: 34.41 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: Small Apartment of the Year

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About the Project

With an area of 34.41 square meters, this room has a domed ceiling and is separated into two parts. One side is equipped with a master bathroom, kitchen, and half-bath, while the other side is home to the main room and its high ceilings. Above the master bath and the kitchen, you'll find a loft.
Both the master bath and the kitchen are partitioned off from the main room by a series of sliding doors which can be opened and closed to transform the space into a large master bath or a spacious dining room. The large glass windows of this open master bath allow plenty of light to pour into the room. When connected to the main room, the possibility for such activities as reading, enjoying a film, or having a cup of tea turn the space into a "Living Bathroom", the defining feature of this room.
The sliding doors that separate the main room and the utility rooms are built with naturally textured wood and create a warmth that fills the entire space. The walls outside of the utility rooms are made with plaster which gently diffuses any outdoor light. All of the rooms, including the utility rooms, have tile flooring, providing the entire home with a sense of unity and spaciousness.

What’s unique about it

Within a ten minute walking distance from all the excitement of central Shibuya and a vast, open master bathroom where you can idle the day away in the tub, we've created a space that will allow you to relax both your mind and your body,

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Location of project:
Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects

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