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Topshop Splash Oxford Street, London

Designed by: YourStudio
For client: Topshop Floor area: 50.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Awarded: Window Display of the Year Jury

Splash At Topshop 13

A still image of the virtual reality water chute ride.

About the Project

Topshop Splash is a multi-sensory & interactive window installation to launch Topshop's Summer swimwear campaign, taking customers on a real and virtual water-slide ride, using both physical design and virtual reality to create this unique experience.

The physical installation includes a swimming pool scene in the window of the store, with 65 metres of water slide snaking around the store and leading out of the window. The swimming pool effect in the windows was created using moulded resin sheets to mimic water reflection, and 3 different types of lighting to add colour and movement. Programmed LEDs were used along the slide to create the effect of running water and to simulate people shooting down the slide.

The physical slide was suspended from the ceiling leading off into the window and around the store through multiple levels, leading the customers to further engagement and complimentary treats such as an ice-cream parlour. Coconut & sunscreen scents were pumped around the store with the sounds of people splashing, flowing water and seagulls to emulate the feeling of being at a water park in the summer.

Customers experienced a thrilling VR water chute ride in the store window, by sitting at the entrance of a physical slide seemingly shooting off down the flume and out of the store. Using headsets, the experience took customers through the iconic store & along Oxford St & Regent St, flying around London, into a psychedelic realm and then onto a tropical island.

What’s unique about it

The Topshop Splash campaign was an ambitious, one-of-a-kind window display that delivered successful results for Topshop with increased footfall & sales whilst generating 6.5 million media impressions. It brought together great physical, sensory and virtual design, using innovative technology to create a truly immersive and memorable customer experience that showcases the direction of future retail window displays.
The display was visually impactful by showcasing the swimwear product and generated genuine hype & intrigue from passers-by, leading to queues of people lining up outside the store. The VR experience proved hugely popular and provoked emotional reactions from customers, leaving positive & lasting impressions of the Topshop brand and driving sales of their new product range.
We gathered customer insight before the project and found that Topshop customers were seeking experiences over transactions more than ever. The project was innovative in many aspects; from the use of specific materials to fool customers, the relevant use of VR technology as a way to take customers to new worlds & the seamless way in which both the physical & digital worlds worked together to create not only a brand experience but a unique way to sell a product.
The display was designed so that it could be rolled out in other cities, re-using the majority of the materials to prevent wastage, and then the slide was donated to charity.

Topshop Splash 2
Splash At Topshop 10

Swimming pool scene in the window of Topshop Oxford Street, which was the point at which the virtual reality experience took place. Here you can see how the moulded resin sheets created the water effect.

Splash At Topshop 2

A shot of a customer experiencing the virtual reality water chute ride in the window of the store with intrigued onlookers in the street.

Splash At Topshop 6

65 metres of water slide snakes through the Topshop store.

Splash At Topshop 4

We look at creating 'Instagrammable' moments, this was the point in which the slide going out of the window re-enters the store. A hashtag is displayed on the rim on the slide & this was a place for customer to sit & have their pictures taken for social media.

The video showcases the project in more detail & highlights the customer reactions.

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