Hilma, Stockholm

Designed by: Tengbom
For client: Generator Hostels LTD Fredrik Korallus Floor area: 275.00 M² Year of completion: 2016
Nominated for: Bar of the Year

Hilma Photo Niklas Koenig03
© Niklas Koenig

Super chill out: graffitti art by Jacob Erixson

About the Project

The Hilma bar is a holistic experience. Tengbom's work has included using multiple layers, extensive detail and contrasting materials, and artwork. This restaurant is one fantastic roller coaster ride. Here guests will find beauty and the grotesque, innovation and diversity.

The interior design circles around a contemporary Hilma af Klint artist figure who creates tattoos with occult elements, shakes curative drinks and is a cruel figure when in the DJ booth. To balance this out and create a sense of the artist’s superb treatment of color, unexpected details are combined with warm, inviting fabrics, powdery colors and plenty of humour.

What’s unique about it

Hilma functions all day and night - bringing together design, art, food and drinks as well as new music and events. Hilma welcomes you to lunch, social dining and late night sessions. The food and drinks tickle your senses and the Art follows you home. Dance the night away or get inked forever and always. 

Hilma has an innovative and niche concept that is not found anywhere else in Stockholm. It is decadence combined with warmth - welcoming subcultures of art and fashion, spiritualism, abstract art, and eroticism.

Raw materials are put in contrast with smooth luxury. A mix of Scandinavian contemporary design and bespoke furniture and lighting results in a conversation starter for interior design. Music and art are important elements of Hilma, the stage of Hilma represents a variety of musical experiences. Hilma´s walls functions as a street art gallery .The floor is an abstract piece of art in itself. Swedish artist and mystic Hilma af Klint was a badass pioneer of abstract art. The concept is inspired by her mysterious and alluring spirit, to give her a proper homage Tengbom created a space to host those with open minds and a taste for adventure.

Hilma Photo Morgan Norman 9
© Morgan Norman

Super chill out: Tie installation in ceiling by architect

Hilma Floor Plan Outline

Floor pattern, material by Micro Cement

Hilma Photo Morgan Norman 4
© Morgan Norman

Art mural by Jacob Erixson with custom made lighting

Hilma Photo Morgan Norman 7
© Morgan Norman

Custom designed wall decoration with light by architect

Hilma Photo Morgan Norman 8
© Morgan Norman

Art mural by Jacob Erxson

Hilma Photo Morgan Norman 10
© Morgan Norman

Bar custom designed light X by architect

Hilma Photo Niklas Koenig01
© Niklas Koenig

Tattoo studio: Art mural by Emil & Chris Deepwood Tattoo

Hilma Photo Niklas Koenig02
© Niklas Koenig

Stage: cuprocking in ceiling by architect

Hilma Photo Niklas Koenig04
© Niklas Koenig

Bar overview

Hilma opening

Location of project:
Katya Högberg, Nadia Tolstoy, Sara Persson, Tengbom

Ivan Pavlovic, Generator Hostel

Nima Aase, Turner & Townsend

Manor House Estate AB

Jacob Erixson

Emil & Chris Deepwood tattoo

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