Lab100, New York

Designed by: Cactus
For client: Mount Sinai Health System, Institute for Next Generation Healthcare Floor area: 150.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Healthcare Centre of the Year

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About the Project

Lab100 is the first-of-its-kind health and research facility bringing the power of experiential design to health. Lab100 combines the latest innovations in design and architecture to state-of-the-art technology to turn a doctor’s visit into an educational and entertaining experience. During the visit, patients are encouraged to ask questions and develop a thorough understanding of their body and their mind. Lab100 is connecting everyday behaviors with conventional medicine, shifting health care’s emphasis on treating disease toward preventing disease in the first place.

Inspired by the iterative innovation driving the medtech industry, Lab100 is comprised of a flexible and modular system offering an ever-evolving experience thriving on patient-driven development. Data collection software, interactive hardware, and visualization technology are seamlessly integrated into the clinic's physical structures allowing for rapid adaptation to new spatial environments and constraints.

At its heart, Lab100 is a software and design product. Every aspect of the clinic, including all medical tests, require real time data ingestion, interpretation and visualization. The entire Lab100 design language is based on precision. Each element of software, hardware and architecture is designed within the same 16x9 grid. This unifying graphical system allows for the technology and architecture to blend seamlessly together.

What’s unique about it

In an era where machine learning, connected devices and AI will make as much of an impact in medical research as clinical trials or lab tests, how do we does the patient experience look and feel like? And if personal data is the fuel for medical progress, how can we encourage thousands of patients to contribute theirs?

A far cry from the sterile and cold environments of the typical medical clinic, patients at Lab100 are welcomed into a comforting space bright with natural sunlight and punctuated with considered detailing. Crystalline and frosted glass partitions allow for natural light to permeate the space whilst still ensuring patient privacy, and polished white impermeable surfaces balanced by naturally finished woods creates a warm but hygienic environment. A seamless incorporation of pattern across surface, material, and displays creates a holistic tactile and visual experience throughout the space, emphasizing the precision in Lab100’s technology and patient care.

Patients at Lab100 engage with their health like never before. Immersive, tech-enhanced testing captures their health data across an ever-expanding number of metrics. Easy to decipher data visualizations and educational media allows patients to comprehend their personalized data and turn them into actionable takeaways.

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As the visit draws to a close, the last 10 minutes are spend in front of a wide screen that stitches together all the measurements gathered throughout the visit.

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During the initial consult a nurse or doctor can sit down with the patient for the first 10 minutes and review the data collected from the online surveys. Your temperature, height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and pulse oxygen levels are all taken h

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During the balance test an introduction video plays and explains Lab100's mission to use balance measurements from patients as a tool to address disease and optimize performance.

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During the blood draw, the practitioner will do a veinous blood draw, and patients can watch a video in front of them during the exam. The video is timed to preface you with information about why blood is a great analytic tools for assessing your health a

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The 3D full-body scanner has a depth-sensing camera that takes a scan of the body and creates a high-resolution, 3D avatar.

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The body composition test is a machine that does bioelectrical impedance analysis, which runs a small, electrical current through your body to calculate the precise amount and distribution of water, fat, protein and mineral throughout the body. It also me

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The main structure for the entire space was built out of a mix of steel and wooden frames. The walls and ceilings were made using custom patterns engraved by CNC machines, which highlight the entire concept of the clinic, based on precision medicine. The

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Lab100 gives patients a comprehensive health risk assessment and biometric screening

Cactus' design process and case study video

Location of project:
Institute for Next Generation Healthcare at Mount Sinai

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