Nap York, New York

Designed by: Neil James Alvarez Wong
For client: Nap York Floor area: 250.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Health Club of the Year

Public Score
4.31 Function
4.65 Innovation
4.72 Creativity

Pod Exterior

About the Project

Resembling night time in nature at its truest form, Nap York's interior draws thousands of people from the outside using over 500 plants and distinctive dark paint throughout the building.

Locally sourced reclaimed wood is used in each sleeping pod, upcycled rubber tires are used for its insulation, and 400 handcrafted LED stars light up each ceiling.

There is a nostalgic feeling you get when lying down in the middle of New York City, hearing nothing but silence, relishing every moment of serenity, surrounded by nature. After all, nature is perfect. Yes, nature is perfect.

What’s unique about it

Innovation: Nap York is the only establishment in NYC that accommodates 30 minute naps to 8 hour overnight stays. Every detail from luggage storage to toiletries have had to be thought out to accommodate each guest's needs.

Functionality: Nap York's 8 ft x 4 ft pods provide guests with a quiet place to not only sleep but work in peace. Adjustable beds, lap desks, and charging cables are all complimentary. Guests are also able to use the pods for meditation sessions by themselves or within a group.

Artistic Merit: Resembling the night sky, each pod ceiling was hand made with LED stars to reduce claustrophobia as well as lull guests to sleep.

Sustainability: Eco-friendly Airweave mattress, low VOC paint, locally sourced up-cycled tire insulation, and locally sourced reclaimed wood allow guests to become one with nature.

Technology: We are working with IoT engineers to enable future pods to be controlled using an iPad: lights, doors, ventilation, and music.


Eye mask


Pod Interior

The Nap York Pod Is A Quiet And Private Space To Nap Rest Recharge Relax And Meditate
Relax In A Hammock At Nap York Cafe
Participate In Daily Yoga Classes
Participate In Daily Meditation Classes
Nap York Has A 30 Foot Live Green Wall
Each Bathroom Features A Lixil Toilet
Location of project:
Ikigai Design & Development

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