Dining in Nature, Zhubei

Designed by: 9 Studio
For client: SHANGHAI KITCHEN Floor area: 1450.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: Restaurant of the Year

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About the Project

Food has always been of utmost importance in Asian cultures. Nowadays, getting a natural and healthy meal has become an important dieting concept. This fundamental understanding of food became the basis of the new establishment for the brand. In addition to the carefully selected produce, 9 studio design group put more emphasis on offering the customers freshly made delicacies once they are served. In the process of selecting produce, rinsing and cooking it, and finally dishes being served on the dining table, the two essential values that guests focus on are nature and health.

The design gets its inspiration from bucolic imagery of pastures and fields, clouds floating in the sky and fish swimming through the ocean formed the imagery. The space aims to create a connection between guests, nature, and the food offered. 

What’s unique about it

Public and private areas are separated and aim to create a unique dining experience. In the public area, customers take their orders and return to the private area for dining. By doing so, two different behaviours, one dynamic and the other static, are separated to reduce the interference that the two bring to one another. This concept is like the design of formicaries, which brings a sense of stability, like 'home' to the ants seeking food outside and then returning. A unique curved wood grating system is made in the room, and through precise digital and structural calculation, the room is filled with a nature-infused rhythm and beauty. When wandering around the space, repetition is banished; instead, all you can experience is a nice stroll and the experiences you obtained from the exploration of this room. Even though the divided rooms are isolated and secluded, visually it is kept to be wonderfully, magnificently connected and interactive.

In the central space, there is an isolated pick-up area. The designers intended to strengthen the characteristics of the space through installation art. The space is decorated like a restaurant with Chinese style spoons, which symbolize the image of a Dim Sum restaurant, that are suspended from the ceiling by strings. The spoons are coloured in red, a contrast to the otherwise minimal space. This design reinforces the flow and movement of guests, as though they are a pack of fish swimming pleasantly through a stream.

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A white art installation is suspended from the ceiling put in contrast with the black ceiling.

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We provide a tranquil dining space for customers to enjoy the simplicity of space and food.

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9 studio design group

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