Hermès The World of the Horse, Rome

Designed by: Studio Noa Verhofstad
For client: Hermès Floor area: 25.00 M² Year of completion: 2016
Nominated for: Window Display of the Year


The piazza di Sienna in Rome, shows an ancient horse event

About the Project

In October 2016, Hermès opened a new store in Rome. On the occasion of the opening, we created a series of windows, entitled “The World of the Horse”, which bring to the fore the equestrian worlds of Paris and Rome. Each window presents a different aspect of the horse in French and Italian culture. Important horse arenas such as the Piazza di Sienna in Rome and the Académie in Versailles are recreated in miniature.

What’s unique about it

All windows are created and constructed by hand. We used a flock material with a velvet look on top of each item, the flock refers to the velvet skin of the horse. Under the layer of flock material, all items are sculpted by clay or made out of wood. Even the saddles of the small horses are handmade out of Hermès leather. The craftsmanship and level of detail where Hermès stands for is visible in each way. We didn't try to use fancy technologies, but focused on a super high level of detail and handmade work. The design connects Italian and French culture and we used the history of the brand to tell a multiple and colourful story. The visitors walking by in the streets will get attracted into different worlds.


The academie de Versailles in France, with the Hermès silk as horse flags


The Hermès perfume Gallop, tells a frame by frame story of a horse rider in the French countryside


The horse in nature, with Hermès tableware

City Rome

The ancient city of Rome is standing up like a wave, it shows the horse in mythology

Img 0943

The horse in sports

Location of project:
Noa Verhofstad

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