SK-Ⅱ Ginza Street, Tokyo

Designed by: Nomura
For client: P&G prestige K.K. Floor area: 56.27 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: Pop-Up Store of the Year

04 Main Area With Interactions1
© Masato Kawano

Main area with interactive installations

About the Project

SK-II's Super Prestige Series: Masterpiece Pitera PR Store.
Despite the crowds in the Ginza central street, this project makes use of the long and narrow foreground of the building.

What’s unique about it

In order to experience the world of Masterpiece Pitera, visitors are guided through series of spaces that mimic diving into a bottle when passing through the facade – simulating the product packaging. The materials lining the space accurately reflect the features of each package and bottle to create a spectacular space. Considering that inbound visitors are the target audience, an unequivocal design concept must be maintained.

52 sheets of polycarbonate screens with layers of original film in different sizes recreate the sparkling, reflecting, and stereoscopic effects of the distinctive bottles. The use of polycarbonate simultaneously solves the issue regarding the load-bearing capacity of the building, which could not be solved by glass or acrylic, and that of the interior restrictions, such as the use of incombustible materials.

Original images of Pitera are projected onto the tables in the centre, while the luminous, intertwining ripples further emphasise the brand’s identity. Some of the top boards can be lifted electronically, and as a result, not only facilitate interactions but also provide the possibility of quick touch-ups. Such a fascinating visitor experience is proven to be successful, and thus its role as a public PR store is fulfilled.

01 Concept
© Masato Kawano


02 Facade At Dusk
© Masato Kawano

Facade at dusk

03 Entrace Area
© Masato Kawano

Entrace area

05 Main Area With Interactions2
© Masato Kawano

Main area with interactive installations

06 Functionalities Of Top Boards
© Masato Kawano

Functionalities of top boards

07 Counselling Room
© Masato Kawano

Counselling room


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