Spring Place, New York City

Designed by: Bluarch Architecture + Interiors + Lighting
For client: Spring Place Floor area: 2230.00 M² Year of completion: 2016
Nominated for: Co-Working Space of the Year

Spring Place 005
© Oleg March

Social area - Sunken living room

About the Project

Spring Place is a 24,000-square-foot [2,230m2] members-only club organized on two floors of a Tribeca building in New York City. It is comprised of a social component which covers the upper floor, and a shared office component at the lower floor.

The design concept behind the project derives from the brutalist architectural feats of the 20th century. At the core of that architectural design movement was unpretentious honesty of materials and form. In that framework, we devised a system of concrete walls which intersect while never turning a corner. The purpose was to make the connection of these intersecting surfaces the only architectural expression needed. Exhibiting the lack of negotiation between the planes was an opportunity for lightness where they cantilever in dramatic distances, a tool to layer light where they run parallel [while at different heights], an agent of balance because their geometric purity exists without noise.

What’s unique about it

The lower floor is dedicated to work areas and lounge areas. The architecture of the space follows the brutalist framework of concrete planes which scale and navigate the space in different spacial gestures. As it is the case on the social/hospitality floor above, the system of concrete planes is counterpointed by a system of blackened steel surface at the ceiling. These reveal the infrastructural systems behind them and scale the space to define areas. The large office is fitted with bespoke eight-person communal tables designed by us, a large communal communal table that sits 30 persons.
The social component at the upper floor includes a main dining area and several event spaces and private dining rooms designed to offer different experiential values and settings. Upon entering the venue, a free-standing bar of cast-in-place concrete and a large art display hovering above it welcome the visitor. At left is the main dining area of all bespoke furniture pieces. We designed a blue velvet banquette over a tempered glass base, a full, soft, dining sofa with channels and brass legs, a polygonal booth with a grey tweed fabric and a three-dimensional, wood outer skin.
At one side of the main dining area is a sunken living room. Here, the floor is clad in deep red, softest sheepskins...while above hovers a sculptural antiqued brass fixture. At one end of this room an operable, curved, blackened steel screen opens to reveal a large video screen.

Spring Place 003
© Oleg March

Co-working space / large office

Spring Place 001
© Oleg March

Co-working space / large office

Spring Place 002
© Oleg March

Co-working space / large office

Spring Place 004
© Oleg March

Co-working space / large office - Lockers

Spring Place 006
© Oleg March

Social area - Main dining room

Spring Place 007
© Oleg March

Social area - lounge area

Spring Place 008
© Oleg March

Social area - bar

Spring Place 009
© Oleg March

Social area - music room / lounge

Spring Place 010
© Oleg March

Social area - private dining room

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Masashi Kobayashi

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