Interprint, Euroshop 2017

Designed by: DIIIP
For client: Interprint Floor area: 60.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Frame 9 Diiip Euroshop

total view

About the Project

Conceived as a POP-UP stand, the trade show presentation of the décor- printer Interprint is an element-based assembly-set consisting of 12 decor cabinets, a counter, a curtain, illuminated writing and concrete-marker cones (plus helium balloons). Placed directly on the trade show floor, the setting is deliberately different than the established industry stands and sets itself apart as an industry-outsider. In modified standard shelves (cabinets), black and white graphics which create optical illusions constantly rotate with the aid of shutter motors. To make these the focus, the material of the stand (steel, concrete, grey cement fibre boards) has a very restrained appearance. Branded concrete-weights help to keep the elements in place. Enclosed vertical lamps highlight the graphics in an otherwise reduced lighting concept. Only the shimmering blue Interprint logo contrasts with the formal unobtrusiveness of the elements. The visitor is addressed by staff on three sides thanks to the open structure of the stand. Templates and mobile phones with which the rotating graphics can be experienced interactively serve as a communication bridge. The counter contains recessed monitors with the video explanation “Digital Printing” to introduce visitors who are not familiar with the sector to décor printing. The POP-UP set can be re-used and scaled to fit any location.

What’s unique about it

With its appearance at the Euroshop 2017, the décor-printer Interprint will be introducing itself to non-experts. The conceptional reduction to paper, rotation and graphics symbolises a simplified printing process here. The clear material-based language and magazine-type sequencing of cabinets in combination with rotating and optically confusing black awhite graphics is aimed at piquing the curiosity of the trade fair public. The circus-like company logo and the mirroring helium balloons deliberately contrast with the cool and technical material of the rest of the stand structure. The austerity of the row of cabinets has a grotesque effect under the cheeky helium balloons and the blue colour of the company name. Even from a distance, neon lights highlight the rotating graphics in the otherwise diffuse light of the stand. It’s a sight to behold – arriving at the stand, the visitor is confused by the industrial rotation sound of the hidden shutter motors. It’s now easy to “pick up” the curious visitors and draw their attention to Interprint and their products by means of the print symbolism. With the aid of templates and mobile phones, some graphics can also be interactively experienced. These are immediately next to the informational videos that are enclosed in the counter. The visitor leaves the stand with valuable basic knowledge and the feeling of having gotten to know Interprint as a technically creative and audacious company. On point.

Frame 1 Diiip Euroshop

set up consisting of 12 decor cabinets, a counter, a curtain, illuminated writing, branded weights and concrete-marker cones (plus helium balloons)

Frame 2 Diiip Euroshop

total view

Frame 3 Diiip Euroshop

rotating graphics | branded concrete-weights

Frame 4 Diiip Euroshop

cabinets with lighting-cases | light with flexible suspension dowelled in concrete weights

Frame 5 Diiip Euroshop

endless rotating graphic | shutter motors and lighting in steel-cases

Frame 6 Diiip Euroshop

interactive experience/ graphic can only be captured by display-view or photo

Frame 7 Diiip Euroshop

interactive experience / visual effects with the aid of templates

Frame 8 Diiip Euroshop

after concept-explanations and interactive graphic-experiences recessed monitors feed the customers with basic knowledge

Frame 10 Diiip Euroshop

lined-up, endless rotating black and white graphics as the point of interest


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