Flaggerdoot Bar, Victoria

Designed by: Carr Design Group
For client: JKLP Group Floor area: 5865.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: Bar of the Year

Jackalope Flaggerdoot 01
© Sharyn Cairns

About the Project

In one of the most daring and avant-garde moves in the hotel industry to date, Jackalope Hotel was launched in April 2017 in the heart of Australia’s Mornington Peninsula wine region. Fuelled by a desire to merge his love of film and the arts with his family hotel legacy, owner Louis Li’s vision was to create a most unique escape.

Briefed to create an otherworldly experience rich with narrative and imagination the interiors of Jackalope’s signature bar Flaggerdoot represent a fusion of art, design and storytelling to create a transportive experience away from the everyday. Celebrating the mystery and whimsy of alchemy and the art of transformation, Flaggerdoot, sparks curiosity in an adventurous and edgy salute to experimentation and intrigue.

Courageous and adventurous, Flaggerdoot’s narrative reflects on distillation, the first stage of alchemy, representing the beginning of a journey and a taste of the story to follow. Effective in defining a sense of purpose and place, the bar immediately captivates and surprises. Eclectic, experimental and contemporary in detailing, Flaggerdoot represents a unique and rare space fuelled by a transformative and truly design-driven narrative.

Part object, part installation, part art, part theatre, Flaggerdoot immerses guests in a journey that delights and excites.

What’s unique about it

In a dramatic and unexpected departure from the conservatism of the heritage listed building it sits within, and with a nod to experimentation and flamboyance, Jackalope’s signature bar, Flaggerdoot, marks the start of the narrative journey and the first stage in alchemy - distillation. The Alchemist’s Workshop informs the design, including 75 brass lidded glass vessels containing a mysterious clear liquid, that line the bar.

Snaking across the ceiling, a white neon gas cloud lighting installation references the seven stages of alchemy, whilst the distillation of liquids (alcohol) into something curious and unique (cocktails) is an alchemic theme that prevails throughout. Faceless agate plaster busts haunt the space and allude to the enigmatic presence of the Alchemist and the myth of the Philosophers Stone.

Iconic statement furniture acting more like sculptures and installations - Edra Leather Works’ gold leaf chairs, Rick Owens Stag bench - punctuate the space. Cocktails such as Fermentation, Distillation and Elixir reference the seven stages of alchemy and are served with theatre like ceremony from behind a slab of marble; a magician preparing his potions. Not just a bar but an experience, the playfulness and David Lynch style movie set atmosphere is omnipresent and constantly engaging.

Jackalope Flaggerdoot 02
© Sharyn Cairns
Jackalope Flaggerdoot 03
© Sharyn Cairns
Jackalope Flaggerdoot 04 Brass Lidded Glass Vessels
© Sharyn Cairns

Brass Lidded Glass Vessel

Jackalope Flaggerdoot 05 Brass Lidded Glass Vessels
© Sharyn Cairns

Brass Lidded Glass Vessel

Jackalope Flaggerdoot 06 Edra Leather Works’ Gold Leaf Chairs
© Sharyn Cairns

Edra Leather Works’ Gold Leaf Chairs

Jackalope Flaggerdoot 07 Harry Evens And Sons Pool Table
© Sharyn Cairns

Harry Evens and Sons Pool Table

Jackalope Flaggerdoot 08 Andrew Hazewinkel Faceless Agate Plaster
© Sharyn Cairns

Andrew Hazewinkel Faceless Agate Plaster

Jackalope Flaggerdoot 09 Rolf Sachs Chemie Lighting
© Sharyn Cairns

Rolf Sachs Chemie Lighting

Jackalope Flaggerdoot 10 Rick Owens Stag Bench
© Sharyn Cairns

Rick Owens Stag Bench


Fabio Ongarato Design (FOD)


Medley Property Group

Jan Flook Lighting

Pascale Gomes-McNabb Design


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