Jackalope Hotel, Merricks North

Designed by: Carr Design Group
For client: JKLP Group Floor area: 5865.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: Hotel of the Year

Jackalope 04 Restaurant Doot Doot Doot
© Sharyn Cairns

Restaurant Doot Doot Doot

About the Project

In one of the most daring and avant-garde moves in the hotel industry to date, Jackalope Hotel was launched in April 2017 in the heart of Australia’s Mornington Peninsula wine region.

On an 11-hectare site spanning the Willow Creek vineyard, Jackalope consists of forty-six guest rooms and suites, destination dining Restaurant Doot Doot Doot, Meeting and Event Spaces, Jenka and Jackyak, and the surreal and eclectic Flaggerdoot, the hotel’s signature wine and cocktail bar.

Fuelled by a desire to merge his love of film and the arts with his family hotel legacy, owner Louis Li’s vision was to create a most unique escape.

Representing brave and experiential architecture and interiors, the design sparks curiosity in an adventurous and edgy celebration of alchemy and transformation. Designed to provide an otherworldly experience, rich with narrative and imagination, guests are transported away from the everyday with a fusion of art, design, dining and storytelling.

Spaces reflect and embrace the Alchemists workshop – eclectic, experimental and contemporary – forming something truly unique and rare.

Briefed to create an ethereal encounter steeped in wonder and delight, spaces celebrate the mystery and whimsy of alchemy and, true to its namesake the Jackalope, the merging of fantasy and reality.

What’s unique about it

A focus on the connection between the elements of a luxury hotel and artistic creativity, Jackalope invites guests to be part of the story - creating a surreal experience enhanced by the eclecticism and theatre of the public spaces juxtaposed against the calm and tranquillity of the suites.

Each area of the hotel represents a stage of the alchemy process – from the Distillation theme evident in the Hotel’s signature bar Flaggerdoot and reflected in the experimental and eclectic installations, art and interiors, to the Fermentation narrative theatrically portrayed by the 10,000-suspended glowing amber light bulb installation to the main restaurant, Doot Doot Doot, to the ideas of Purification with guest suites subtly punctuated by the planetary metals of silver, gold, copper and bronze.
The storytelling promotes a transformative guest experience – where the mind is allowed time to be curious and inquisitive whilst indulging in the quiet, still surrounding nature.

Bold and adventurous in its design, guests are immersed in a journey that delights and surprises - successfully embracing its winemaking origins, yet celebrating a conceptual sensibility and sensory experience that is distinctive, magical and genuinely true to place.

Interiors celebrate the mystery and whimsy of alchemy and the art of transformation.

Jackalope 01 Arrival
© Sharyn Cairns


Jackalope 02 Entry Wine Display
© Sharyn Cairns

Entry Wine Display

Jackalope 03 Bar Flaggerdoot
© Sharyn Cairns

Bar Flaggerdoot

Jackalope 05 Restaurant Doot Doot Doot Detail
© Sharyn Cairns

Restaurant Doot Doot Doot Lighting Detail

Jackalope 06 Meeting And Event Spaces Jenka And Jackyak
© Sharyn Cairns

Meeting and Event Spaces Jenka and Jackyak.

Jackalope 07 Guest Corridors
© Sharyn Cairns

Guest Corridors

Jackalope 08 Guest Room
© Sharyn Cairns

Guest Room

Jackalope 09 Guest Bathroom
© Sharyn Cairns

Guest Bathroom

Jackalope 10 Geode Pavilion
© Sharyn Cairns

Geode Pavilion Private Dining


Fabio Ongarato Design (FOD)


Medley Property Group

Jan Flook Lighting

Pascale Gomes-McNabb Design


Emily Floyd

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