The Warehouse Hotel, Singapore

Designed by: Asylum Creative
For client: I Hotel Pte Ltd Floor area: 2102.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: Hotel of the Year

Urban Hotel Conversion The Warehouse Hotel 02

Overview of Lobby

About the Project

The Warehouse Hotel, a 37-room boutique hotel, is the first hotel in Singapore to be housed in a restored godown. In its design concept, Asylum revisited Singapore’s forgotten history, marrying the historic industrial touches with modern luxurious design finishes.

Built in 1895 beside Singapore’s flourishing trading port, the surrounding area was a hotbed of secret societies, underground activities, and illegal liquor distilleries. Starting out with the origins of a godown - the Asian term for ‘warehouse’ - the space underwent different identities going from disco club in the 1980s to a vacant building for decades before transforming into The Warehouse Hotel. This fuelled the design principle as Asylum weaved in luxurious touches to strike a balance between old and new.

The hotel lobby and bar lounge were treated as one space, breaking the norms of a hotel reception - the result being a welcoming entrance encouraging hotel and local guests to lounge and mingle. Each room aims to cater to the well-travelled with utmost attention given to detail. A subtle glow of natural light floods the corridor's concrete walls, playing with the smooth contrast of golden light and rough concrete throughout the day. The application of raw corten steel adds on to the industrial edge.

Pó, the in-hotel restaurant serves modern local cuisine, hence the choice of traditional materials like rattan, but applied in a contemporary way so that the restaurant remains a smooth transition from the hotel lobby's architectural language.

What’s unique about it

Although it hasn't even celebrated it's first anniversary, the Warehouse Hotel displays fantastic economic results with a 72% occupancy rate and with nearly a quarter of its guests returning for more. Online, the hotel rated 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor by both tourists and locals. Satisfied guests go to social media posting photos of instagrammable moments within the hotel, often featuring the spatial design.

Preserving the heritage of the building for a new establishment, Asylum were able to educate guests through subtle touches about the forgotten past of Singapore. A particular story is told through images of coolies that can be found on guest cards, or how the name of the original building in Chinese characters had been designed as the hotel’s secondary logo.

The lobby space at the entrance creates a social environment that is welcoming and inclusive not only to hotel guests, but to the local community. It was a spatial feature Asylum designed with the consideration of breaking the norms of a hotel reception.

It was crucial for Asylum to collaborate with local emerging designers and craftsmen to complement the sense of authenticity within the hotel, at the same time enhancing the Singapore brand culture. Ikat-style patterned bed throws referencing the silhouette of the hotel were designed by Matter, while ceramic cups were by Mud Rock Ceramics.

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Façade in the evening

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Front Desk

Urban Hotel Conversion The Warehouse Hotel 03

Integrated Lobby Lounge & Bar

Urban Hotel Conversion The Warehouse Hotel 04

Pó - Destination Dining within Hotel

Urban Hotel Conversion The Warehouse Hotel 06

River View Suite

Urban Hotel Conversion The Warehouse Hotel 07

River View Suite Bathroom

Urban Hotel Conversion The Warehouse Hotel 08

Warehouse Loft with Skylight

Urban Hotel Conversion The Warehouse Hotel 09

Operations Collateral

Urban Hotel Conversion The Warehouse Hotel 10

Paper Bag with Secondary Logo

Location of project:
Chris Lee

Michelle Tan

Elaine Lim

Verson Ong

Clarissa Budiman

Zarch Collaboratives Pte Ltd

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