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Messe Dornbirn Exhibition and Event Halls 09-12, Dornbirn

Designed by: Marte.Marte Architects
For client: Messe Dornbirn Floor area: 8250.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Awarded: Best Use of Colour Jury

01 Ar Marte Marte Messe Dornbirn Outside 012 1
© Faruk Pinjo

View into the red entrance hall through the red elliptical incision made in the facade. Every rich carmine incision leads into a rich carmine space.

About the Project

The new exhibition halls 9-12 are characterized by power and restraint. The two brothers Bernhard and Stefan Marte make a statement with their enormous emblematic structure; four exhibition halls are combined into one gigantic, monolithic building measuring 170-m-long, nearly 70-m-wide, and 16.5-m-high in unified black. The large structure is divided into four segments and covering the exterior of the building are thin black stripes, with access to the interior found through elliptical incisions, courtyards, and foyers in deep, rich carmine.
The backbone of the building is the interior circulation axis; floor-to-ceiling glazed openings guide visitors from the main entrance through the series of exhibition halls alternating in red and black. As impressive as the elliptical, hyperbolic incisions in the two long sides of the building are, the colour scheme of the giant is just as powerful and vivid. Both colours are represented equally, like heraldic tinctures – pure colours without shading, gradients, and nuances reminiscent of flags and banners.
The dimensions and the power of the exhibition halls are impressive. Black in black. Function in construction. The inviting, spectacular foyer between the two exhibition halls is painted entirely in red, and the horizontal ellipsoid at the entrance is mirrored in the five elliptical arches of the load-bearing concrete slab forming arcades.
The large entrance hall #12 as well as the restrooms and staircases are painted in deep, rich carmine.

What’s unique about it

The new exhibition halls 9-12 are made-to-measure for the requirements of ‘Exhibition hall Dornbirn’.
The black monolith with the prominent red incisions establishes a widely visible and identity-defining impact on an international scale. The black exhibition/event halls are the ideal ‘scenes’ for many different event formats. The red entrance halls are likewise a symbol of genuine hospitality and invite guests to stay.

01 Ar Marte Marte Messe Dornbirn Outside 063
© Faruk Pinjo

View from outside the black monolith into the black wood exhibition hall #11.

03 Ar Marte Marte Messe Dornbirn Halle09 002
© Faruk Pinjo

Interior of the black exhibition hall #9 with access to the red entrance hall at the back.

06 Ar Marte Marte Messe Dornbirn Halle12 001
© Faruk Pinjo

Rich carmine entrance hall. In the back you can see the entrance through the small red elliptical incision on the west side of monolith.

07 Ar Marte Marte Messe Dornbirn Restrooms 005
© Faruk Pinjo

Rich carmine restrooms. Each material has the same shade of red.

08 Ar Marte Marte Messe Dornbirn Staircase 009
© Faruk Pinjo

Rich carmine concrete staircase.

01 Ar Marte Marte Messe Dornbirn Outside 023 1
© Faruk Pinjo

General view of the black monolith with an elliptical red incision in the facade (east view).

04 Ar Marte Marte Messe Dornbirn Halle10 012 1 2
© Faruk Pinjo

Red concrete entrance hall (# 10). The light comes through the red elliptical entrance.

01 Ar Marte Marte Messe Dornbirn Outside 024 1
© Faruk Pinjo

General view of the black monolith (west view) with the red elliptical incisions.

05 Ar Marte Marte Messe Dornbirn Halle11 010 1
© Faruk Pinjo

Detail of the black wood structure in exhibition hall #11.

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