Noma Mexico, Tulum

Designed by: La Metropolitana
For client: René Redzepi Floor area: 866.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: Restaurant of the Year

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About the Project

The design inspiration behind Noma Mexico came from the values that both share. To talk about Noma is synonymous to the highest quality and sophistication, as well as innovation and the ability to set new trends. Mexican culture played a very important role in the conceptual process; the country’s history and traditions drive La Metropolitana's work.

A mixture of Mexican concepts surrounding food – such as the traditional markets that can be found throughout the country – inspired this architectonic project. The design takes some of the fundamental elements of these markets and implements them with a more formal and functional tone. Examples of this include the cover solutions and heights, as well as the elimination of any visual barrier impacting the view into the open kitchen. This provides every customer with a unique experience in which they are able to appreciate the intricate cooking processes, like tortillas being prepared on a comal, one of the most ancient rituals in Mexican culinary culture.

This underlying concept inspired the designers to create a line of furniture designed specifically for Noma Mexico. The goal was to provide the customer with a unique dining experience that stands out from the classic 'fine dining' structure, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

What’s unique about it

Noma Mexico was designed for with the aim to recognise the beauty of earth and its natural resources. Increasingly, city-dwellers see difficulty in connecting with wilderness. In a world where everything seems to be so structured, it is fundamental to recover the adaptive qualities humanity possesses and reconnect with nature in order to realize that change relies on uncertainty.

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Location of project:
Studio Arq

Annika de las Heras

Cecilia Leon de la Barra

Marco Villa Mateos

Raina Weberbi

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