Chuan’s Kitchen II

Designed by: Infinity Mind
For client: Floor area: 304.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

Yingjing County is a region that’s been renowned for its black pottery-work for nearly 2000 years. To explore the design application of a typical manufacturing element from the practice, the studio used earthenware gaskets [a sealing device used to separate coal and greenware in the kiln] as the primary source of decoration. Made from the same material – white clay and anthracite – as finished products like utensils and cooking pots, the functional gaskets typically get discarded after seven or so firing processes.

The studio extracted the gaskets and used them to interlace and weave arcs into huge chain nets that connect with vertical iron walls enclosing the external façade and two dining areas. Working in unison, the effect is powerful: standing at over 20-m tall, the walls create a sense of impressive visual weight. The gaskets also have their place overhead, as the studio was able to customize them into pendant lamps.

What’s unique about it

Chuan’s Kitchen II serves as a reminder to locals that the handicraft and heritage – and cuisine – that they are familiar with is not only applicable to, but appropriate for contemporary settings.

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