Les Dada East Popincourt

Designed by: Joshua Florquin Architecture
For client: Floor area: 80.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

Les Dada East is a hair & styling salon located near Bastille in the heart of Paris. Its Italian founder Edoardo Seghi has created a salon that offers more than haircuts and a barbershop.

The salon hosts cultural events such as art expositions and openings. The salon’s name is an homage to the 20th century Dada art movement. Edoardo commissioned Joshua Florquin Architecture to create a new concept and interior design that was in line with its philosophy and the Italian eco-inspired cosmetic brand Davines that they use.

This definition and concept is translated into a lateral pine wood wall & ceiling element composed of 238 sculpted lamellae that make us think of tree trunks and branches. You feel as if you were walking in the forest. This technical wall element is dedicated to the more commercial visual communicating part of the salon.

Wanting a multi-functional, inviting place that would embrace worn-out Parisians sorely in need of some détente, they decided to double down on biophilic design: aside from paying attention to the plant palette that would define the space, a wall-and-ceiling element was built to conjure up the sensation of walking through the forest.

A panoptic view from the outside gives pedestrians a reason to stop and let their eyes wander to the 238 lamellae sculpted from pine wood to emulate the form of tree trunks and branches. Lighting is integrated within, causing soft rays to pierce through as it does in nature. The matrix also gives way to a shelving system used to display salon products and forest undergrowth plants such as ivy and ferns that sprawl towards the light.

What’s unique about it

The incorporation of natural elements – both literal and referential – in Les Dada East is yet another piece of evidence of the potency that biophilic design in spaces has. In this case, it aided Joshua Florquin Architecture in helping a client convey the multi-functionality of a space often assumed to serve only one purpose.

The vegetation links this urban project in a direct manner to nature. It contributes to the forest experience and the overall well being while getting a haircut.

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