Equinox Dumbo, New York City

Designed by: INC Architecture & Design
For client: Equinox Floor area: 7315.20 M² Year of completion: 2016
Nominated for: 年度健身俱乐部

About the Project

For the Equinox Dumbo, INC developed a design that captured the most up-to-the-minute Equinox design ethos— the aesthetics of the Dumbo context and the spirit of the neighborhood's vibrant culture. The neighborhood has become a mecca for tech and creative populations. In Dumbo, a design savvy audience would be looking for a chic and in-your-face environment. The spaces needed to be rough ready, casual, well-designed and luxurious. It needed to feel like Brooklyn but look like an Equinox. The spaces evoke a surprising set of contrasts between an old-world materiality and an athletic modernism. They are at once rough and luxurious, sleek and sensuous in a manner that feels just right in Dumbo.

What’s unique about it

The luxury of real materials like blackened steel, bluestone, marble, cement plaster, poured concrete and wood were used to give the spaces a tactile and sensual feel. Most of the materials were installed in their most textured form. Finishes were patinaed, roughed-up, sand-blasted, hand-troweled and stressed to bring out their most natural and honest beauty. However, the architectural forms to which these materials were applied are all strong, forceful and clean-lined.

A muscular modernism of robust curved forms evocative of a ship's hull are found in the stair that is suspended from massive bent straps. High contrast compositions of black, white and grey dominate the spaces. Humble black, glazed subway tiles are juxtaposed against white craquele tile. Pale grey concrete is contrasted with blackened steel. Deep charcoal wood textures are set against bright white plaster. The floor plan of the gym was designed to preserve sight lines through three glazed walls which allows for maximum natural light and creates a flexible, neutral space, allowing the equipment to be rearranged, and support functions oriented along a full-length spine.

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