Summit House for The Office Group, London

Designed by: Note Design Studio
For client: The Office Group Floor area: 3700.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

The Office Group (TOG) enlisted Note Design Studio to reimagine and restore the interior of the Grade II Summit House to compliment the distinctly modernist and art deco aesthetic of the historic building, originally built in 1925. Note based the concept for the design, set across four storeys, on ‘Swedish Grace’, a pre-functionalist style of modernism, synchronising with the building’s existing art deco heritage while exploring the duality of the Swedish movement. The movement guided Note to develop a light and sculptural aesthetic, preserving only the original art deco features and creating an intentional focus on geometry and balanced proportions across each of the spatial experiences, while injecting the building with a sense of progression for a modern workforce. In centring the interior on the calming spirit of ‘grace’ while providing considered environments that promote productivity and wellbeing, Note’s vision is realised at all touchpoints, from furniture design; statement tiered architectural structures to frame space; custom-made terrazzo flooring and funnelled entrances, citing Wes Anderson as inspiration; a colour scheme of warm white and smooth caramel contrasting with dark and heavy accents to balance natural light throughout and a minimalist recharge room, a first for TOG.

What’s unique about it

We not only imaginatively and faithfully restored the historical beauty to the building but hope to have introduced a new standard of workplace design. The central concept of ‘Swedish Grace’ realised through the combination of colour palette, materials, furniture and geometric forms, differentiates Summit House from the usual expectations of a modern workspace. ‘Swedish Grace’ is both progressive yet retrospective in principle, translating to an interior that retains the elegance of the original building, while ensuring a workable space. Not only responding to the aesthetic requirements of the project, Summit House is a design-led evolution of a flexible workspace owing to its conscientious approach to wellness in a space that cares for the people using it, providing considered environments that promote productivity and wellbeing. Our concern with light, the creation of a recharge room for moments of retreat and communal meeting points and workstations to promote interaction are just some of the ways in which we did this. Combining a sensitivity to the building's history and an early modernist approach to the modern workplace, Summit House is a testament to our desire to push clients beyond their brief, achieved through our studio’s multidisciplinary skillset and human-centric approach.

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