Another World

Designed by: StudioXAG
For client: Level Shoes Floor area: 9000.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

StudioXAG were thrilled to collaborate with globally recognised retail destination Level Shoes at the renowned Dubai Mall. Spanning 96,000 square feet, the designer footwear emporium offers a unique and unparalleled shopping experience where luxury and contemporary meet. We were invited to design a futuristic pop-up with a focus on creating an immersive, multi-sensory retail experience. Using the trend ‘Future Underground’ as a starting point, we took cues from cultural references such as Blade Runner to develop the concept ‘Another World’. By introducing the four elements; Earth, Water, Fire and Air, to the futuristic codes, we created a completely unique aesthetic. Informed by our creative direction, Levels Shoes incorporated our concept throughout their 360º marketing campaign. We designed a full store takeover encapsulating the three main entrances, facades, windows, corridor spaces and four multi-brand departments. We experimented with contrasting, eye-catching materials, forms & textures to define in-store environments and stop customers in their tracks. Our intricate graphic identity – a de-codeable digital language of symbols and typeface, adorned many touchpoints throughout the retail spaces.

What’s unique about it

We wanted to bring the weird and wonderful to Dubai, pushing the boundaries of retail installations that you would usually find in the region. Disregarding traditional super-luxe design codes such as gold and marble, we opted for unexpected and playful elements such as air-duct tubing or coating surfaces in condensation. Even going as far as vacuum sealing the footwear so they appear cryogenically frozen, or placing shoes atop a volcanic structure torn apart by streams of molten lava. These elements would seem more at home on the set of a futuristic sci-fi movie and are rarely brought into the realm of retail. By interpreting the four elements of life (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) into contrasting zones within the store, each department contains a plethora of materials including concrete, mirror, basalt and neon. The customer is taken on an unpredictable journey through each elemental zone, constantly excited and surprised by the diverse materiality. Our bespoke-designed graphic identity, a set of symbols and typefaces is the common thread throughout the space, executed in copper embedded within concrete, or glowing from beneath a layer of frosted acrylic. This futuristic language ties each ‘world’ together and offers a remarkably coherent journey throughout the space.

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