Designed by: StudioXAG
For client: GANT Floor area: 7.20 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

‘GANT Beacons Project’ is an ongoing initiative created by the original preppy American sportswear brand GANT as part of their commitment to sustainability. Part of their goal is to help remove some of the 165 million tonnes of plastic which is floating in our oceans. To begin this project, GANT partnered with SEAQUAL™, their network of fisherman in the Mediterranean and other local resources to transform this waste plastic into yarns to be used in a special collection of apparel. Designed in collaboration with the UK GANT team, StudioXAG created a window display for their Regent Street flagship which simply distills this sustainable message into an eye-catching and succinct design. We created a kinetic window which mimicked the waves and ripples of the ocean, a succession of disks in gradating shades of blue hold shirts from the collection which ebb and flow with a mesmerising effect. Inspired by the simplicity of hand-cranked wooden toys, where vertical movements transform into rotational wave motions. This minimal display is accompanied by projections of water movements which are cast across the mechanism, resulting in a calming and mystifying installation which left customers eager to learn more.

What’s unique about it

As part of the launch of a global sustainability initiative, the first window display announcing ‘GANT Beacons Project’ needed to make a powerful and memorable statement. We wanted to approach this challenge with restraint, choosing to use the smallest amount of materials which could tell the story with maximum impact. Placing the sustainable message at the heart of the window, a wave-inspired mechanical centrepiece is the focal point. We also took inspiration from the ocean to influence everything from the colour palette to the aquatic projection backdrop.

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