Heytea Store

Designed by: Leaping Creative
For client: Heytea Floor area: 250.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

Inspired by the tea brand’s renowned product that blended rich Cheezo and classic Chinese fragrant tea, the store was designed to be a spacial extension of its product experience. The parallel partitions connected to the celling referred to the curves that randomly-formed alongside the cup by the flowing white soft Cheezo cream whenever people take a sip of the Cheezo Tea. Meanwhile, the partitions reached down to meet the bar table and seats, so as to separate the space to provide customers with more private and comfortable staying experience. Small holes were opened in the partitions to remind customers of the frothy texture of Cheezo as well as the friendly characteristics of the brand, and also create an intriguing way of communication between parted spaces and people on the both sides.

What’s unique about it

The Heytea brand upgrades its stores for a better customer experience and to share a tea-drinking culture with the young generation. Instead of unified store image, the diversity of space designs provide its targets with a more inspiring and attracting impression. The designer believes that the stores and the provided experiences are the best way to communicate with customers. Meanwhile the iconic Cheezo Tea is the brand’s most valuable advantage, so the store spaces could be the media to amplify its characteristics. Getting ideas from the white Cheezo topping that gradually merging into the tea, the space is defined by white color with gradient details. - material and details Wooden seats are featured to enhance an organic and relaxing touching point, while the gradient white paint from the bottom indicates the connection with the Cheezo Tea. Besides, the translucent glass is also applied in a gradient way, providing customers with a cozy yet inspiring atmosphere. - welcoming and storytelling installation As opposed to the pure internal space, the outer entrance area facing the shopping mall is more vivid with metal and stone and seats on steps. It also features a slowly swinging installation on the store facade that enjoys the form of an abstract clock pendulum, indicating the peaceful ZEN time in tea-drinking culture. The installation acts as a visual focus and makes an interesting interpretation of the brand’s philosophy.

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