Thailand Creative and Design Center, Bangkok

Designed by: Department of Architecture Co
For client: Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) Floor area: 9950.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: 年度市政空间

About the Project

TCDC is a government agency with a mission to inspire creative thinking and propel the country’s creative economy. It provides a broad range of services: a design library, a material library, a co-working space, a makerspace, etc.

TCDC has now moved into the historical Grand Postal Building. The design of the space is intended as a new intervention, fostering a dialogue with the old building and also achieving TCDC’s mission to be the country’s creative incubator.

A creative space is not ‘creative’ because of how it looks but by how it inspires its inhabitants. The free flowing open work space spread throughout the building is designed to encourage informal conversations. The main circulation cut through the section of the building bringing people to flow past different facilities and be inspired by what others are doing.

Within the 1930s historical building, the new is inserted as an object, offsetting from the existing architectural envelope. The present-day material in its light, blurring and translucent quality is having a dialogue with the massive character of its historical shell. The new and the old are interestingly contrasting and complementing one another.

This translucent architectural system wrapping around and inserting throughout the facility is holding the essence of what TCDC provides - inspiration and knowledge. It is designed to contain everything from books, material samples, etc. The inspiration runs through and encompasses all the creative spaces.

What’s unique about it

The key success of the project rests on how we rethink of what makes a creative space.
A creative space is not ‘creative’ because of how it ‘looks’ but it is a place that is designed to become an agent that can activate creativity and be a platform for inspiration. The place is designed for people to be wrapped around by sources of inspiration from books, magazines, material samples, to exhibition. Even an exhibition space is not only an isolated area but various exhibition nodes are integrated into every space from smaller nooks spreading within shelving systems to larger exhibition spaces throughout the building. 

Creativity is ever-changing and always moving forward into the unknown. The space provides flexible systems that are readily adaptable and re-programmable, always fresh and open to new possibilities. Creative space is about creating a space where people can connect and be inspired by others. A portion of the library is designed to encourage conversations rather than be a silent space.

The main circulation route is designed to cut through the section of the building bringing people to flow past different facilities to be inspired by what others are doing. Creative space is to be open-ended in terms of the design yet be powerful enough to inspire. It takes a simple form but employs unfamiliar usage of the translucent material playing with light and layering as a main featured system holding sources of inspiration that runs throughout the building.

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