Nikunotoriko Restaurant, Tokyo

Designed by: Ryoji Iedokoro
For client: Just Meat Corporation Floor area: 112.20 M² Year of completion: 2016
Nominated for: 最佳材料运用

About the Project

Located in the heart of Tokyo’s fashionable Roppongi district, Nikunotoriko, a yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant, cannot help but stand out. Designed to provide patrons with an unparalleled dining experience allowing them to reconnect with nature, the restaurant spans two floors, embodying the concept of providing an immersive and emotive experience. The interior of the first floor is designed to resemble a cave, where people can eat as our ancient ancestors once did, sitting in the cave to avoid the rain, while enjoying the spoils of the hunt. The second-floor features earth and greenery, where people can eat as if enjoying a hillside picnic, under a bright blue sky, surrounded by trees, rivers and nature. This truly unique venue offers not only an eye-catching visual experience, but also an immersive environment, where textures provide authenticity. Whether using your eyes, ears, hands or nose, this experience surely creates vivid and inspirational memories that will remain with the guests for the rest of their lives.

What’s unique about it

There is a growing disregard towards nature’s importance. Through the design of this restaurant, nature and its affect are at the forefront. Despite the metropolitan site, the beauty and precision of the design is a convincing portrayal of a sublime natural landscape.

The first floor’s wall and ceiling, handmade from mortar and paint, gives homage to the Antelope Canyon in Arizona as a striking visual space that hosts restaurant guests. The table, made by mixing recycled coloured and clear glass, features a smoky pattern. The second floor combines a hillside-like environment with the comforts of indoors, with tables positioned at different heights. The floor, made from OSB board panels, has laser cut contour lines, with different curves and heights to create a dynamic space. Steel pipes delineate different areas, placed at random to mimic trees, which serve as hangers as well as maintaining privacy. To complete the experience is a BBQ space on the rooftop where people can enjoy meals under the stars.

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