Future Energy, Astana World Expo 2017

Designed by: Kunzberg
For client: Sembol Construction Floor area: 10000.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: 最佳数字技术运用

About the Project

The exhibition is designed to entertain, educate and inspire World Expo 2017 visitors with the latest innovations in renewable energy technology in order to highlight the need for a swift global energy revolution. In roughly 10,000 sq-m with around 40 exhibits, visitors from all backgrounds will experience solar, wind, biomass, and kinetics as sustainable energy sources of the future.

Kunzberg developed and produced a number of interactive games based on digital technologies that explain scientifically complex concepts in an entertaining and easily digestible way. Some examples include nuclear fusion, biomass conversion, solar energy for the mobility of the future, and kinetic principles.

What’s unique about it

Future energy and sustainability are complex topics. By using digital technologies, Kunzberg made solar, wind, biomass and kinetic energy playfully approachable to all age groups. New digital technologies have been used for the Kinetic Energy Games, Cycle Challenge, In Touch to Nature, Wind Tunnel, Solar Energy Explainer, Nuclear Fusion Game and Solar Vehicle Race.

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