ThaiOasis Laomendong SPA Shop

Designed by: Roarc Renew
For client: ThaiOasis Health Technology Co., Ltd. Floor area: 450.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

Identifying architecturally symbolic significance of bricks, Roarc Renew considers bricks as the “soul” of a space. Black and red bricks are the same form of material, but they represent different cultures. Gaps between bricks give people a sense of hidden order. Via an extreme control, Roarc Renew intensifies such a sense of order.

The quality reflected by the clay texture of bricks is similar to a pleasant feeling that we have when walking in the soil barefoot. This feeling is unique in South Asia and it also reflects our perfectionism to the details.

Orderly arrangement of red bricks reflects the relation between space and material, while lamp wall totally alludes to cultural and visual signs.

Pray and meditation is a religious behavior, which normally embodies a sense of ceremony. The “sense of place” emphasized in architecture is a sort of “divinity” formed through space construction. When night falls, thousands of lamps light up. It represents not only one-to-one blessing but also field spirit. In the aspect of craftsmanship, there is a special elevated and water-proof design for lamp boxes, which guarantees its usage and weather resistance in outdoor space.

As for some details, we intaglios Thai characters which symbolize good fortune on the surface of red bricks. These characters are spread in the space to create a surprise effect in an orderly space. This is a punchline showing respect and emphasis toward the value of Thai characters.

What’s unique about it

First of all, it shows an induction of cultural symbols. The building materials “bricks” and “lanterns” are used to express common points and differences of Nanjing and northern Thailand in culture. This is an artful creativity.

Second, the project is a bold practice of place allusion. Place allusion is of artistic value, which lies in precise grasp of spiritual dimension, specifically appropriate hints and certain imaginary space. It is such a technique that certain imaginary space is left for spirit. Object of the allusion is Thai culture in this case. A massage business is elevated to the level of Thai culture dissemination in art, which is also the value of the design.

Black bricks are of great significance for Nanjing. The whole ancient Men Dong city was exactly built with black bricks. Red bricks have significance to Chiengmai as great as black bricks to Nanjing. The ancient city wall represented by Tha Phae Gate and the Grand Palace of the Sukhothai Period were all built with red bricks. Red clay of the northern Thailand fostered people of Thailand. Bricks of different colors, as cultural symbols, represent two ancient civilizations.

We abandoned the decorative design expression of Buddha head or an elephant in an attempt to create a particular solemn sense which Thailand culture has, and the field atmosphere with abstract spatial order. Without being restrained by form, the “divinity” and “field spirit” of religion are completely inherited.

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