Jaywing Office, Sheffield

Designed by: 93ft
For client: Jaywing Floor area: 1800.00 M² Year of completion: 2017

© 93ft

A flexible space for team meetings and social conversation. The cargo containers act as a backdrop to the reception while housing break-out areas and a six-metre long teapoint, all of which contributes to the daily life of Jaywing.

About the Project

93ft took a derelict 18th-century factory site and transformed it into a dynamic and inspiring home for a team of 100+ creative specialists: a cutting-edge headquarters for workers in Leeds and London, and a permanent home for the core team.

As well as the interior architecture and spatial planning of one of the city's most historically relevant buildings, all of the key workspace furniture was designed and made by 93ft in their own workshops, within a sustainable mile's radius of their studio.

93ft worked over a collection of 25 rooms plus a main atrium which was developed into the main open office space, taking design innovation to the next level as the spatial layout was maximized in a network of intricately connected original buildings. Each room was creatively designed to function as a unique environment meaning no space is the same and each piece of furniture custom made.

The complete transformation of the former Albert Works forgery and factory buildings was masterminded to guarantee the preservation of a collection of historic buildings whilst delivering an inspirational multidimensional workspace.

What’s unique about it

Over the course of 18 months, a raw, honest and contemporary interior was delivered while the previous lives and heritage of these buildings were maintained and honoured. 93ft achieved the brief, which was to focus on operational functionality and staff wellbeing whilst promoting social interaction.

The spaces are boldly interjected with strong architectural elements that promote social interaction between employees and visitors alike, ranging from tea-points, break-out spaces, a war room through to a four-cargo-container insertion within the main atrium which were all designed by 93ft and installed onsite. Unapologetic in their appearance, these cargo containers act as a backdrop to the reception while creating all the internal spaces that contribute to the daily life of Jaywing. 93ft also designed a bespoke carpet that takes inspiration straight from the derelict building with colours of rust, moss and concrete forming the basis for the design in an extension of the building's core elements.

The design includes the creation of the large canopy lighting, all desking solutions including the reception desk and boardroom tables, all storage solutions, all meeting room tables, and all canteen/container tables and benches. The reclaimed seating was also sourced and refurbished by 93ft.

© 93ft

93ft took a derelict factory site from the 18th century and transformed it into a dynamic and inspiring headquarters for 100+ creative specialists.

© 93ft

The four-cargo-container insertion serves as a background to the reception within the main atrium.

© 93ft

A cloud walk circulates the upper levels, providing a different perspective of the flexible breakout space and making the most of the building's height to give the Jaywing team freedom to think and space to breathe.

© 93ft

The main atrium was developed as the primary open office space, taking design innovation to the next level as the spatial layout is maximized to take advantage of the height and width with bespoke desking and storage solutions.

© 93ft

Inside the cargo containers are roomy, creative boltholes for meetings and think tanks, creatively carpeted to make the viewer take a second glance.

© 93ft

The War Room has its own identity and style to reflect its function: designed for creative debate, brainstorming and lots of sketches and conversation.

© 93ft

The bespoke carpet in the boardroom designed by 93ft is inspired by the former derelict factory building. Colours of rust, moss and concrete form the basis for the design to create a carpet that looks like an extension of the building.

© 93ft

To maximise free thinking and wellness, the cloud walk invites workers to stretch the legs and clear the mind. Most of the additional 25 rooms are accessible from here - a new experience through each door.

© 93ft

Multi-level environments maximize space while keeping things open, honest and friendly. Neutral tones encourage a creative springboard for fresh thinking and calm thoughts.


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