Warner Music Group

Designed by: Rockwell Group
For client: Warner Music Group Floor area: 22296.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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About the Project

Rockwell Group’s design concept for Warner Music Group’s new headquarters celebrates the record company’s history, its vast catalog of work, music making, and performance. Bright, contemporary, and concise work spaces span across the five-story main building and an adjoining two-story annex. The contrast of old and new, hard and soft, and warm and cool materials creates a dynamic, future-forward home base for WMG’s 800 employees.

What’s unique about it

In a nod to the ground floor’s original purpose as a Model T showroom, Rockwell Group has created Center Stage, a two-tier, 250-seat flexible live performance space with wood bleacher-style seating as a showcase for WMG’s extensive roster of recording artists. The Living Room is a co-working space located on the ground floor. Minimal furniture, including lounge seating, communal tables, and bar height seating along the windows accommodates different types of work. Bleached white oak millwork and neutral fabrics with accents of blue and purple create a warm contrast to the building’s original poured concrete flooring. Clean, graphic black lighting punctuates the design. Center Stage’s bleacher seating leads people to the mezzanine level of the Living Room, which features more seating as well as a pool table, a ping pong table, and other games. WMG’s 110-seat dining area has layers of blue, white, and black materials, concrete, and bold, contemporary, angular white tile. The space’s flexible design accommodates different types of food vendors. A kiosk with sliding doors opens to reveal a bar, which serves coffee in the morning. WMG’s 7 groups occupy spaces that reflect their individual cultures, creating mini-communities within the building. While each space is unique, they all feature open floor plans, clear sightlines, and a variety of communal spaces. Niches create a park-like outdoor retreat with pathways that encourage people to meander.

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