Somosaguas, Madrid

Designed by: studio mk27
For client: Caledonian Floor area: 4100.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度住宅区

Public Score
5.13 Function
5.00 Innovation
5.28 Creativity

About the Project

The Project should adapt the “made to order” architectural details for a larger scale and should use industrialized products, available in the European market.
The land occupied an entire block. The underground garage leaves the ground floor free to be used by the pedestrians and allows access to the homes for those who reside there. There are 21 houses in total, organized on 5 plateaus that overcome the uneven topography of 3.5m. The perimeter of the street is on the same level as the surrounding sidewalk. 4 different sized houses were designed following the 1,25m building module; from these, there are 21 different configurations. Each house is unique. The architecture uses simple, industrial and monochromatic materials. There is a little of the languorous Brazilian architecture of luxurious relaxation blended with, frankly, a hint of the holiday village, a sense of a place apart and of retreat.

What’s unique about it

Madrid is a dense and intense city with a population of approximately 80 people per hectare. At Somosaguas, a neighbourhood which feels loose, laid-back and very green. The demographic density is a surprising 114 people per hectare. The problem with these edge-city developments is that they easily become defensive, over-private and, in shutting themselves off, they relinquish the capacity to develop into genuinely public places. Perhaps as the neighbourhood develops and expands the streets created here will begin to weave and insinuate themselves into the emerging surrounding fabric like the tendrils of a creeping plant. The unformed nature of the surroundings makes this an uncertain experiment, a kind of walled settlement waiting for the neighbourhood to catch up before it can reveal itself. Its success on how it is used and how the city grows around it. But as a seed, a mechanism to catalyse a communal and generous-spirited life, it is a fascinating and elegant prospect.

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