Panpuri, Tokyo

Designed by: we+
For client: PANPURI Floor area: 60.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度橱窗展示

Public Score
4.79 Function
4.96 Innovation
5.00 Creativity

About the Project

Grains of Purity is an installation for the PANPURI Ginza Six signature store. The white powder symbolizes the brand’s main concept, “Purity & Nature”, and a box captures its beautiful and elegant movements. We controlled the seven nozzles above, to make the powder fall both regularly and randomly. The fine powder, layers as time goes by showing the beauty and transitory essence of nature. In the same space, we made a merchandise display with some of their products embedded in the white powder. By its smooth curves and gentle shade of them, we’ve succeeded in enhancing the allure of their products.

What’s unique about it

As our client had just opened their first flagship store in Japan, we pursued simple yet strong ways to express their brand’s concept, “Purity & Nature”, not only focusing on the product itself. Therefore, we dared not to put the products in the installation but only the white powder which represents “Purity & Nature”. Just by controlling the nozzle switch, in the resulting action of falling and accumulating powder, we attempt to extract the pure beauty of nature.

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