Cuadernos Rubio

Designed by: Masquespacio
For client: Floor area: 200.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
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After the tunnel of color we find the last space with a huge yellow box that invites you to dive into Rubio's universe but now in 3D format through its 3D goggles. A board at the entrance of the box says: "Enter and Travel". Last but not least at the left

About the Project

Rubio's 1st concept store has a very recreational & interactive component that invites visitors to delve into its universe. Starting with the entrance, framed by bright yellow and blue neon signs, visitors are guided by a large counter towards the area of mathematics, writing & reading workbooks, close to the workshop area. Further into the shop, we arrive at the so-called “tunnel of color”, where a time machine guides visitors through the Rubio universe. Here, the more adventurous sorts can go on to the projection room. Each of the publisher’s collections has its own corner, where the store aims to encourage interaction with the public at all times & has endeavored to create the best possible display of its products. To wit, the back of the rotating shelves in the mathematics area are used as blackboards to practice mathematical concepts. Another area nearby has a methacrylate board that visitors can use to improve their handwriting. There are numerous spaces & activities to discover in this new Rubio space for both children & adults, including the curious peephole in the shop window, a time machine with augmented reality goggles, a roulette that explains the publisher’s history, a speaker that tells tales, the tunnel of color & the projection room. This makes the store interactive for visitors in the traditional way as they read the material, do mathematics operations & look through the peephole, & also make the most of the digital era with the use of tablets and 3D goggles

What’s unique about it

The Rubio store next to its aesthetics that represent a huge notebook with its writing lines through the store seeks to work as an interactive place where customers can dive into the 60 years old universe from the Spanish publisher. In a world where technology is the main protagonist the shop design seeks to give major priority to offline workbooks, creating an interactive concept that offers the user to interact continuously with the different elements in the shop. This way the mathematics and lettering shelves propose the users to do exercises on their whiteboards in between the workbooks. The reading section on the other hand gives the little ones the opportunity to listen to a little telling tale. On the other hand the concept brings honor to Rubio's past through a serie of displays and peepholes that showcase Rubio's initial workbooks from more than 10 & 20 years ago, as well as a turning roulette that presents Rubio's history with amusing illustrations. A workshop table in the middle of the space will be used for lectures and learning sessions, while integrating tablets and a technology space with 3D Goggles and a projection room (lucigrafía) for the little ones, although the publisher showcases that he is also into interactivity. Welcome to Rubio's universe. On a material level the designes uses mainly 2 materials: mosaic tiles and methacrylate.
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The tunnel of color that also offers the possibility to do small exercises on its methacrylate walls, leads you to the most technologic part of the store.

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A customer doing exercises in between the workbooks at the calligraphy section.

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A little one doing mathematics exercises.

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A detail of the moveable displays at the mathematics section that give the customers the possibility to do exercises on its white back part.

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A detail of children reading and listening to a telling tale in the reading section. Another girl is practicing her calligraphy on the methacrylate colored panel.

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A more detailed view on the reading and calligraphy sections. We can recognize in the reading section the small green box that hides a speaker through which the little ones can listen to a telling tale. At the right we see a customer using one of the tabl

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A view from the other side of the store where we see at the left the reading section and at the right the workshop table for lectures or learning sessions.

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Detail of the counter with its yellow peepholes that showcases Rubio's old workbooks from 10/20 years ago (not for sale) and behind the corner a display for letting that can be changed easily to announce events, promotions,... Last but not least we see th

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This is an overall view of the store from the entrance showcasing a white sheet of paper from a notebook with its writing lines. On the left the counter with a blue display of products. At the right several moveable display table/boxes and next to them th


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