Reading DNA, Taipei

Designed by: Ryan Kuo
For client: Mr. Fan Floor area: 133.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度大型公寓

Public Score
3.71 Function
3.75 Innovation
3.71 Creativity

About the Project

The space is composed of circle, square and linear elements. The vertical and horizontal features create a modern, fashionable appeal. The stairs, the scenery outside the window, and the book wall support and work together to create a harmonious and attractive space. The virtual and the solid combination of the spiral staircase modelled after DNA and the book wall link the entire space – the living room, kitchen, dining room, working area, study room and bedroom - smoothly all together.

The DNA spiral staircase represents the existing relationships between humanism, science, and design. This unique feature combines our core as physical being with taste and an attitude to pursue life. The character of the steel structure and the peaceful ambience present the chance for harmony between human beings and nature.

The square, oblique-cut window frame allows the light to illuminate the house more effectively. The reflection from the glass, coupled with the indoor lighting, extends the visual space. These designed internal environment components help bring sunshine and brightness into the whole room. Sitting by the window, one feels the slow passage of time, sees circulating light and shadow, and can contemplate both growth and decline. Feel nature transform while also enjoying the comforts of life. Hours pass by and seasons change.

What’s unique about it

Customers bought a 2-storey small seaview apartment. We designed a DNA-shaped staircase in tandem up and down floors. Husband and wife each have their own and common free living space.

The design of the rotating staircase is really a challenge, so that the whole weight can be balanced and the design of the curve range and size adjustment, the thickness of the application of iron and fixed on the ground. All difficulties are overcome.

We designed the wall shelf layer board, for a large number of books, because of the clients' love of reading. The couple can have almost a home library, and also conserves space.
Books are the most beautiful scenery in the home.

The linear design penetrates upper and lower layers. A hidden steel structure in the bookcase layer board leads to a thin, light, and unobstructed horizontal crossing. The book wall is both functional, as a place for storage, while also allows for exhibition of the books in a beautiful manner. The unusual volume of books in the room enrich the landscape of the entire space. The unique material allows the design to center the entire space around the books.

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