Spaces Amstel / The Cloud

Designed by: Sevil Peach Architecture+Design
For client: Spaces Floor area: 2500.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

Situated within The Cloud Amsterdam, a refurbished 1970s commercial development, we designed a communal atrium & co-working facility for all tenants & visitors, that forms the heart of the 24,000sqm building. Our design response sought to resolve several key issues including: implementing a unique entrance experience, creating an identity for the building and creating a communal destination within the dramatic, 5-storey atrium. The project also extended into part of the ground floor tenant area, where co- working provider ‘Spaces’, required a more private business club environment for its members. Our initial intervention was to reconfigure the entrance sequence to the building so one always arrives at or bypasses the atrium. This further cemented the atrium as the heart of the building, easily accessible by all and a natural point for a reception. Our Atrium intervention sees the introduction of a central monolithic terrazzo podium, on which a variety of different functions and zones are created by a number of open and closed double-storey boxes, screens and low walls. These create a more human and intimate scale to the vast space and defines the areas of programme. Within and around the podium a varied environment provides the opportunity for relaxation & refreshment, for social interactions amongst tenants and visitors as well for touchdown work. The cafe bar forms the focal point of the space. Spaces recessed into or on top of the prominent boxes, provide retreats.

What’s unique about it

This project responds to both the increasing importance of co-working and shared amenity space focusing on well being in the workplace. These are the disruptive innovators in the evolution of the workplace. In addition, the project is centred around sustainability goals, designed to be inline with the The Cloud development’s ambition to attain a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating. Employees now expect more from their employer, so therefore companies need to offer more amenities within their workplace in order to attract and retain the best talent. As a consequence developers and landlords need to do more in order to attract and retain the best tenants. Office buildings have to work harder to keep up with the ever changing nature of work. Thanks to technology, Office buildings are no longer where one has to go to work, but where one chooses to go to work. We believe this project is representative of the qualities of what a workplace should be in todays world and into the future whereby landlords, tenants, service providers and designers come together to create the modern workplace. In a world where there seems to be a lot of over-design, particularly with co-working companies, we intentionally kept the design pared back and understated to ensure that the identity of the building environment didn’t overpower the brand identity of the individual tenants and members. Everything was considered with a careful sophistication to ensure the design adequately supported all the stakeholders.

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