Kvadrat Headquarters

Designed by: Sevil Peach Architecture+Design
For client: Kvadrat Floor area: 2500.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

The overall ambition behind the project was to unlock the spirit of Kvadrat and translate this into the transformation of the Headquarters. We sought to improve the client experience by establishing the building as a destination, using textile as the hero of the site. Throughout, Kvadrat products are used in a variety of forms, textures and colours as a working case study for the company. A new work concept was introduced to encourage communication and collaboration, representative of the familial culture of Kvadrat, with a natural flow of spaces that maintained views out to the inspiring landscape beyond. Our first intervention was to unlock the potential of the building, by opening up the workspaces and dissolve them with the ‘street’. This created new physical and visual connections within the building, encouraging communication and collaboration amongst the staff as well as an inspiring spatial experience for all. The landscape that has so profoundly influenced Kvadrat’s use of colour has been brought into the building. Our transformation embraced and further strengthened the existing architecture. One of the warehouses was decanted to allow for a new flagship Showroom as the focal point of the Headquarters, linked to the central street visually through the introduction of two small meeting rooms and physically via a curtain doorway from the street.

What’s unique about it

We believe this project is representative of the qualities of what a workplace should be; a place where one chooses to go to work rather than where one has to go to work. It was important in this project that the spirit of Kvadrat was not only represented in a visual way, but also the way in which one lives, uses and experiences it. Everything was considered carefully to ensure the transformation adequately supported Kvadrat’s business needs whilst providing a timeless, understated and quality environment that enhances the daily lives and well being of the users for years to come. From a respectful refurbishment of the base building with its local vernacular, right through to the considered incorporation of Vintage and New Danish furniture pieces by the likes of Nanna Ditzel, Greta Jalk and Verner Panton, the use of textile, colour and light and everything else in between, we believe this project is exemplary of a holistic approach to design and architecture. In simple terms we have endeavoured to not only unlock the potential of the building by creating a flow of spaces, opening views to the warehouses and the landscape, but also to unlock the spirit of Kvadrat by creating a workplace and ways of working that is representative of the Kvadrat family and culture, providing more visibility of the Kvadrat Team behind the product and the product itself. The Products of Kvadrat are woven like a thread through the whole building in a functional and architectural way.

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