Zozobra TLV, Tel-Aviv

Designed by: Baranowitz + Kronenberg Architecture
For client: ZOZOBRA CITY LTD Floor area: 550.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Submitted for: 年度餐厅

About the Project

Zozobra TLV, like its older sisters, was built on the foundations that have been followed ardently throughout the years: an escapism urban space where communal seating, sharing, video art and a technology-driven service have redefined the meaning of fast food experience and where value is way beyond the average check. Zozobra transcends its followers into its fantastic realm which is inspired by the philosophy of Yin and Yang where opposing forces complement each other, are interdependent and nourish an inspiring synergy.
The use of materials and seating arrangement have not been altered since 1999, they have been extracted to their very essence and bestow a timeless character, yet in each Zozobra B+K introduce a cultural symbol which stands out and resonates with Zozobra's inspiring values. These symbols are open-ended installations, always evocative never explicit.
The Lotus flower abstract installation around the open kitchen in the first Zozobra was followed by Origami installation in the second, while the current Zozobra in Tel Aviv is a take-off on the Chinese's paper street lanterns. A colossal lantern capturing the entire space and embracing its guests with its magical and indigenous video-art.

What’s unique about it

In 1999 Zozobra initiated a whole new set of rules to the local industry: no smoking, no advanced booking, first come first served, remote-controlled ordering system, no bar seating, communal seating only. The ability to convey an uncompromising mind-set at every single touch point of the customers has been the driving force behind Zozobra; a monochromatic monastic platform that brings out the colorful dishes and the imaginary world of Zozobra through bespoke video-art.
Zozobra stands out as a unique urban escapism space of timeless character. Almost twenty years old and it is still fresh, compelling, buzzing and sizzling. Like 'The Little Prince' of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, we visit Zozobra as children, then as adolescents, as parents and grandparents and it is still relevant as ever, still an exciting place to be. Yet Zozobra has never changed, we have. And we discover in it new meanings, new moments, and new people.
The ability to create a stage for the emergence and display of cosmopolitan, plural lifestyles and modern shifting selves is the true power of Zozobra. It is much more than a restaurant, it is a spatial event that materializes one of the essences of the late modern self: our unique desire for originality and authenticity.

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