XS House, Taipei

Designed by: Phoebe Sayswow Architects Ltd.
For client: private realty investor Floor area: 33.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度小型公寓

Public Score
5.90 Function
5.63 Innovation
5.90 Creativity

About the Project

PhoebeSayswow Architects Ltd. was invited to design a 33 sqm guest house prototype for neutral genders who enjoy a smart living in a metropolitan city. The site is compact with a partial double-height ceiling. A versatile storage wall was installed and connected to wardrobes on the mezzanine level while extended to the kitchen at the lower level. We conceived a movable ladder and a stair bench to connect different levels while giving a touch of playfulness and a sense of gathering to the house. The design speaks a succinct and exquisite visual language by using two contrasting but coherent materials: birch wood and glazed tiles featuring cherry pink grouts.

The target user of the space is expected to enjoy a spatial quality which satisfies one’s solitary moments and feel-like-party soul. We acknowledged this narrative while carried out the design. Birch wood gives a sense of warmth and lives which calms people while the white glazed tiles is about pepping up spirits and rinsing one's mind. The spatial
arrangement is however prepared for the party minds. The three dimensional levels of seating encourages a dynamic conversation within the flat. Our intention again is to create a cozy and fun living experience with no gender differences only to serve the user's need in a more uplifted fashion.

What’s unique about it

Small living space in cities is now in high demand across the continents. Our approach towards this trend is a holistic design rooted from functionality, spatial experience, and aesthetics. We carefully examined and manipulated the space to provide high capacity storage with flexibility while minimizing visual blockage for more breathable space and natural light. The mezzanine construction was done with care on dimensions and shape for optimised bedroom area and stair installation without interrupting the lower level programs. The choice of materials contributes to a wonderful living experience combining simplicity, revitalisation and the sense of warmth as a welcoming home. The management of this project made a charming affordable living possible to the majority with a budget of US$32,000.

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