Jury prize

Esprit x Opening Ceremony, Amsterdam

Designed by: Noman Studio
For client: Esprit & Opening Ceremony Floor area: 515.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Awarded: 年度快闪店 Jury

About the Project

The location is stunning due to the ample natural light that floods in; therefore, the concept for the installation is to be light both in form and material. This is accomplished through the use of an acrylic by the name of MYST. The material is unique because it absorbs light and defuses it, resulting in a transformation of the light source and the material itself.

To respect the material and its flat planar nature, the designers played with the physical laws and aesthetics present in pop-up systems. A grid is placed on this pop-out system to create a design methodology that allows a playful approach with self-determined rules. For example, a strict offset of 10 cm is used to create strips of material that can be folded out and function as racks, serve as a leg, or lean into another object for support. Through this method the entire interior is realised while forming tables and seats.

What’s unique about it

The designers are always looking to identify the boundary between sculptural and functional aspects of a project. The design method for applied commissions is the same as with autonomous work. The concept for the interior of the pop-up is to create a world rather than a set of racks by establishing a dogmatic set of rules to work within, adding another layer to the interior. The designers always search for the right balance of different ingredients for the project to become multidimensional. The freedom given from the client allowed the possibility to design the space from within instead of only focusing on the surface or simply achieving a nice aesthetic; they understood how important it is to make everything fitting – from concept, to material, construction, and detail.

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