Alkmaar City Office, Alkmaar

Designed by: Proof of the sum
For client: Municipality of Alkmaar Floor area: 4600.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度市政空间

About the Project

The employees of the municipality were working at four locations. With a radical renovation of the back office, they are now all at the same spot. Proof was commissioned on the basis of her vision ‘the power of magnetism: enhancing knowledge sharing between 600 employees should be put central”.
The basis of the design is on the one hand an analysis of the strengths and challenges of the building. The elongated volume with its narrow construction depth and valuable east-west orientation is a strong starting point. The absence of interaction between the different building layers, the amount of entrances and the curvature of the building require special attention. By creating two large voids, making both facades tangible at every point in the plan and carefully positioning closed program elements, a new attractive starting point is created.
On the other hand, careful attention was paid to the course of a working day of various employees. The largest common denominators are spread over the 3 floors of the back office. Network café, learning center, lockers and meeting facilities are vertically spread throughout the building. By such, every employee unconsciously uses the entire building during a day, increasing exponentially the chance of encounter and synergy. Adjacent, the primary workplaces are provided. In a mix of focus desks, team spaces, touchdown zones, meeting facilities and spaces for agile work, the principles of Activity Based Working have been rolled out.

What’s unique about it

Alkmaar is one of the first municipalities without fixed departments and functional zoning for her offices. They work in ever-changing teams on the basis of competences and skills. Proof of the sum convinced the client to invest in strengthening knowledge sharing in the new office. Proof has the conviction that the physical environment can strongly contribute to the frequency and method of knowledge sharing

The once very closed floors are now completely open. Two new large voids create a three-dimensional backbone for the building. Programming all common functions along this axis forms a neural path. A path which is completely used by all employees unnoticed every day. Adjancent, the more secure working areas are programmed where focus and working in small groups are put central.
The building is equipped with a smart-sensor network. These sensors record both the physical conditions in the building and automatically control the installations. In addition, the sensors return information to the users via smartphone: where is my colleague? Where can I find a free desk? Can I use this meeting room now?

The entire project was largely carried out with local designers, suppliers and contractors. More than three-quarters of services and products have been purchased within a radius of 30 kilometers. Local designers have designed a number of furniture and people with a distance to the labor market now maintain all the plants in the building. With the city!

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