Song Chinese Cuisine

Designed by: Ray Wong (Republican Metropolis Architecture)
For client: Haiyang Song Floor area: 2280.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
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About the Project

The designer was inspired by 《Ruihe Map》, taking the subtle elements of “crane feather”and establishing a new space design from it. Song Chinese Cuisine uses modern materials and design techniques to interpret Chinese restaurants. 100,800 pieces of heterosexual stainless steel bricks and 399,860 pieces of colored feathers constitute the basic form of the Song’s Chinese Cuisine.The curving shape of the surface breaks the imagination of the Chinese restaurant and creates a unique spatial experience. A large glass feather art installation with the theme of "Crane Wing" is on the dining area.The design uses modern materials and design techniques to interpret, through the illumination of the light, reveals a gorgeous dreamy luster, glazed feathers and slender copper columns subtly separate the space, either open or enclosed. Under the reflection of the ceiling mirror, The mirror on the wall doubles the space in the horizontal dimension, which makes the space unbound like a winged dream.We hope that guests will feel that they are surrounded by dreams, very amazing. The presentation of Song Chinese Cuisine hopes that users can enjoy the details of ancient culture while eating in it.

What’s unique about it

Function: We vacated 300 square meters in the front hall to isolate the hustle and bustle of the mall. We hope that the guests can adjust the state of mind after a quiet environment before dining. The restaurant has an open kitchen that shows chefs cooking. Innovation: The space uses 399,860 glass feathers, 100,800 curved stainless steel tiles and mirrored stainless steel to create a dreamlike scene. Artistic value: Through the image of the restaurant to promote the ancient Chinese art culture, allowing users to enjoy the ancient culture under the side of the dining. Sustainability: The use of colored feathers and paints will evolve over time and will continue to shine. Social impact: After the launch of the restaurant, it received a huge response. The media reported a lot, and many people came here every day. At the same time, they won many awards, including one Michelin star.

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